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Chris McGoey is President of McGoey Security Consulting. He operates as a security consultant and private investigator for 33 years. He has hosted the Crime Doctor Website online since 1996 as a community service by providing practical advice about security, crime and loss prevention, investigations, and avoiding premises liability. He consults with the media, attorneys, and will testify as a security expert witness. His office is located near Los Angeles, California.

Chris McGoey is internationally known as an author, trainer, and speaker. He has over 47 years of education, training, and experience in crime prevention and security management, and has earned many professional certifications in these fields. He has conducted over 7000 security surveys of commercial properties worldwide. He is considered to be an expert in the fields of security, crime and loss prevention, and investigations. He specializes in the anticipation, recognition, and prevention of crime on most property types.

Chris McGoey has consulted with or appeared on many radio and television shows including Good Morning America, 60-Minutes, Dateline, the View, Dr. Phil Show, Today Show, CSI Las Vegas & Miami, Court TV, Discovery Channel, Geraldo Show, WABC, Fox News, CNN, When Seconds Count, EXTRA, Inside Edition, the BBC, Talk Radio Europe, China International Radio, and a special investigative report on ABC News 20/20.

Chris McGoey is often invited to speak at international conferences and corporate seminars. Mr. McGoey has published 2 books, 21 book chapters, 14 Crime School personal safety videos, and over 90 articles for industry trade journals. He has produced an extensive collection of articles exclusively for this website.

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