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Most business and pleasure travelers don’t have a security plan. Even those that disagree admit to not having their plan well thought out and clearly articulated in any formal manner. Most travelers admit that they have not met with business supervisors or even family members to discuss what if situations. When or if a criminal assault does occur, the business manager or family member will not be prepared and will have to rely on instinct in response to the incident. What if their response instincts are wrong or their reactions inappropriate, under the circumstances? We hear about these cases all the time in the news. For example, what if a business traveler is kidnapped in a foreign country? What if a person traveling abroad for pleasure has their bag stolen containing their passport, wallet, credit cards, airline tickets, and other travel documents?

I have written a few articles to discuss some of these common travel security issues in various settings.

Travel Security Articles

Business Travel - Family Travel Safety

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