"I want to thank you on behalf of my client who is now financially able to live a decent life after being shot inside a 24-hour restaurant and rendered quadriplegic. Thanks in part to your work as a security expert witness, a jury awarded my client $46.4 million, which is the largest premises liability negligent security case verdict in the State."

"Our negligent apartment security lawsuit settled on the first day of trial for $7.8 million due in part due to your incredible assistance, keen analysis, and case preparation. This settlement will finally put this 4½ year battle to rest and will help the father and children negotiate their future."

"I just settled my personal injury case yesterday for $2.7 million. I had a great experience working with you and hope to do so again soon. I will be happy to recommend you to other attorneys with cases in this area."

"I was referred to you by opposing counsel (from another case) who you impressed at deposition with your preparedness, level of organization, and your ability to analyze and discuss volumes of evidence. He said he wished he had you on his side and maybe the outcome of that litigation would have been different."

"Any attorney who signs a premises liability case should retain Chris McGoey immediately to begin work as a security consultant and expert witness. He will help organize and investigate the necessary liability issues. He is without a doubt the finest security expert I have come across in twenty years of practice."

"Don't go to trial without Chris McGoey. He is a master at talking with the jury and boiling down complex and technical issues into easy to understand concepts and visual images."

"I witnessed a masterpiece of organization and language skills at work during a deposition in my wrongful death civil case involving issues of false arrest and excessive use of force. Mr. McGoey's presentation and analysis was so thorough and focused the case settled soon afterwards. I strongly recommend Chris McGoey as an expert witness for cases in this area."

"Chris McGoey helped us resolve a case swiftly and for much less than we could have hoped for thanks to his keen incite and analysis into a high profile apartment rape case." I would retain him again and highly recommend his firm."

"Please be advised that our case has settled. The client was ecstatic over the settlement, and certainly your fine effort was an important element in bringing about this most favorable result. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again."

"I have worked with Chris McGoey on several occasions over the years as a security expert. Each time Mr. McGoey has helped me focus and prepare the case for trial or early settlement. His intuitive style and vast experience helped me cut to the chase and pull the case together into a tight package. I will continue to retain for him on future cases."

"I wouldn't want to find Chris McGoey as the security expert on the other side of my case...enough said."

"Chris McGoey exceeded our expectations as an expert. He gave us more value by assisting us greatly during discovery, witness depositions, and cross-examination of opposing experts in a high-exposure case. The case was resolved favorably largely due to Mr. McGoey's assistance."

"Your expert report is simply amazing. I been in practice for over thirty years and your report ranks in the top-three I've ever read for thoroughness, accuracy, and organization. I must admit, I've had a hard time getting my mind around this complex wrongful death case, but you pulled it together nicely in a format that makes perfect sense."

"All I can say is if you retain Mr. McGoey, listen to him. I did. My case progressed smoothly and resolved quickly because of his expert guidance."

"Today we resolved at mediation what we thought was a very complicated case. Your expert declaration boiled down many disputed liability and negligence questions to a handful of crystal-clear concepts that made assessment of liability obvious to all parties and the mediator. Your lucid distillation of facts and standard of care discussion was persuasive and guided our decision.?

"I have to honestly say that Mr. McGoey is a well-qualified expert witness. The quality and style of testimony in my complex wrongful death case ranks in the top 5% of all depositions I have observed in my twenty years of practice. I can highly recommend him."

"Mr. McGoey's expert report was so thorough and definitive that the defendants', although naming an expert, never produced a report of their own, let alone a rebuttal to Mr. McGoey's report. If you are not using Mr. McGoey for your premises liability or negligent security case, you simply are not doing the best for your client."

"Your work was fantastic! We settled the case for full policy limits".

"I can highly recommend Chris McGoey to all shopping center security directors who have specific problems with violent crime and gang activity on their property. Mr. McGoey's evaluation was organized and in-depth, and I learned about new issues and solutions that I had not considered before. I wasn't sure how I would react to the scrutiny of an outside security survey, but Mr. McGoey made the audit process a learning experience that I enjoyed very much."

"Mr. McGoey helped us fix a serious upward trend of criminal activity and violence in our apartment community. We thought we had tried everything when Mr. McGoey opened our minds to see the real source of the problem. Our occupancy rate went from 70% to 94% in six months and our long-term residents love it. I can't recommend Mr. McGoey highly enough."

"We hired Chris McGoey to conduct security surveys for our mid-size convenience store chain. We were surprised to see the depth of his analysis and the extensive list of recommendations that were not previously considered by our in-house security staff. We revamped our stores and our training program to incorporate his ideas. We feel now that we are on a solid basis for security and liability concerns."

"We were more than impressed with the way you conducted yourself at our corporate meeting to help resolve a spree of takeover armed robberies. We thought we had an impossible task ahead. Our executives now have a clear understanding of why we are being targeted and what needs to occur to make our stores safe. We can't thank you enough for your professionalism and insight."

“I own several busy nightclubs that have been attracting an increasingly hostile crowd. Fights were routine and I feared a major blowout was coming. I hired Chris McGoey to conduct a risk assessment. I was surprised by how quickly Mr. McGoey spotted the flaws in my operation. He trained my security staff and put them on the right path to safely and lawfully manage the conduct of my patrons. We have a solid security plan now and much less liability exposure. I can highly recommend Chris McGoey as a nightclub security consultant.”

"We have received excellent reviews from our members about the quality and depth of your full-day training workshop on Retail Security & Robbery Prevention. This program ranks among the best our association has ever sponsored because the crime prevention knowledge will transfer immediately to the field. The officers received great value from your presentation and from the many excellent handouts that you provided. We really appreciate your professionalism and for spending the day sharing your expertise."

"We invited Chris McGoey to speak at our annual training seminar regarding the emerging Arizona law and practical considerations involved in premises liability litigation. We were surprised to hear a 'non-lawyer' both articulate and then summarize a very complex area of the law to the seminar participants. He walked the lawyers through a practical exercise that was well-received and appreciated by all in attendance. We can highly recommend Mr. McGoey as a conference speaker."

"Mr. McGoey's seminar on the Martinez case was one of the highlights of the year for our membership. He first amused us and then scared us to death with the implications of not providing adequate security. He has the ability to capture the attention of the audience and always has a trick or two up his sleeve."

"Our speaker evaluations have been tabulated from the NAA Annual Education Conference in Las Vegas. You received high marks for both Phase I and Phase II presentations on Community-Based Crime Prevention Programs and Apartment Property Access Control. We want to thank you for your expert words of wisdom that will serve our membership well."

"Our committee really appreciates that someone of your caliber and experience was our Keynote Speaker at the International Council of Shopping Centers Annual Security Conference in Las Vegas. The members truly enjoyed hearing from an expert about the importance of having a comprehensive security plan in place not only to support daily operations and training, but to help defend against premises liability lawsuits that are bound to occur. Thanks for making our program a success."

"Thank you very much for making our annual training conference a complete success! We have received many compliments regarding your training topics as being the best they’ve seen in years. You have given many of the new crime prevention practitioners as well as our seasoned officers new ideas to take back to their respective police agencies. They talked about their renewed motivation and being inspired by your presentations. They felt the conference gave them a refreshed attitude they hadn’t felt from past conferences."

"Thank-you for your excellent presentations on Premises Liability and on Selling Landlords on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program at the Second International Crime Free Conference in San Diego. Having you as a featured speaker certainly was a great incentive for many to attend and contributed to the overall success of the conference."

"Your full-day workshop on "How to Conduct a School Security Survey" was outstanding. This was indeed a training highlight for the many police agencies in attendance. We now have confidence when speaking to school administrators and a roadmap to follow."

"We really appreciate your professional input on the status of our high school security program. Your analysis was right on target and will help us evaluate what we need to do next. We look forward to working with you again during the implementation phase."

"We want to let you know how much we appreciated your security survey of our premiere gated community. As a property manager we could not have resolved the issue of how to satisfy the security concerns of our divided homeowner association membership without your knowledge and professionalism. Even the feistiest homeowners were satisfied after the presentation of your analysis. We learned much from you about how to approach these complex issues in the future."


A resume and fee schedule are available to clients upon request