Premises Liability Book
Security Expert's Guide to
Premise Liability Litigation

Evaluating Crime Foreseeability
and Inadequate Security Cases

"You Simply Must Read This Book"

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Multimillion dollar jury verdicts against landlords and business operators for failure to provide adequate security are common. This book examines how to evaluate the liability issues.

Book Highlights :

  • Premises Liability Security Case Analysis
  • Crime Foreseeability Issues
  • Crime Risk Analysis
  • Evaluate Security Measures for Adequacy
  • Compare Crime Risk to Security Standard of Care
  • Fully Develop Opinions and Evidence for Trial

What the Experts are Saying :

“Chris McGoey has long been recognized as the guru of premises liability litigation from having taught thousands in property management and law enforcement. You won’t find a better book on this subject that sets forth the protocol for evaluating crime risk and security solutions.”

  • Timothy L. Zehring
    Founder, International Crime Free Association

"Chris McGoey has rendered a service to the legal profession. His lucid exposition on a complex subject will become the 'bible' for cases in this area."

  • Jack Fink
    Investigator, Alameda, CA
    Criminal Justice Committee

"Every plaintiff lawyer who handles a premises liability case involving security issues should have this book as a reference. I highly recommend it to all trial lawyers"

  • J. Gary Gwilliam, Esq.
    Plaintiff Attorney, Oakland, CA
    Past President, California Trial Lawyers Association

"This excellent and unique expose on the fast-expanding field of premises liability is an absolute 'must' for all trial lawyers"

  • Angela M. Bradstreet, Esq.
    Defense Attorney, San Francisco, CA
    Carroll, Burdick & McDonough

Mr. McGoey's book is listed under, What's Hot at the ASISNET Information Resource Center (IRC) catalog as a popular often requested book, sponsored by the American Society for Industrial Security on-line electronic network.

  • ASIS Dynamics
    ASIS International

Chris McGoey has authored a great practical guide for attorneys, security consultants, landlords, law enforcement, and business operators. "You won't find a better book on this subject"!

  • 113 pages 8.5 X 11" -- Instant Download eBook (PDF)
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