Chris E. McGoey is an internationally known security expert who is often contacted by the media on the subjects of violence prevention, crime prevention, loss prevention, business security, premises liability, and personal safety. Mr. McGoey has conducted over 7000 security surveys of commercial properties where crime has been a problem and has provided advice on how to reduce the risk.

He is available to the media as a technical expert and has experience with live broadcast interviews as well as assisting in the development of special investigative reports, crime drama and reality TV shows. He is comfortable in front of a camera or microphone and understands the process. See his personal safety video library.

Mr. McGoey can speak with authority about the crime problems associated with homes, apartments, hotels, convenience stores, gas stations, fast-food outlets, shopping centers, retail stores, banks, ATMs, universities, schools, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and parking lots.

He can speak from experience about how to recognize, deter, or prevent criminal activity such as homicide, kidnap, rape, robbery, assault, carjacking, home invasion, gang activity, burglary, auto theft, shoplifting, credit card fraud, identity theft, vandalism, loitering problems, and workplace violence.

Mr. McGoey can speak on technical security industry issues regarding video surveillance, alarm systems, investigations, employee interrogation, and consumer fraud. He also can speak to security officer issues of hiring, training, and supervision, background checks, incidents of misconduct, excessive use of force, false arrest, and retail racial profiling.

Examples of Recent Media Contacts

?12 Security Tips for Living Alone Safely,? interviewed by Emily Bell for an article published in MSN Money and Zillow real estate magazine (2016).

?Taking Your Wallet on Vacation? Here?s How to Keep It Safe,? interview by Shivani Vora for an article on vacation security strategies for the New York Times newspaper (2016).

?Curbing Public Drunkenness on Campus,? interviewed by Justine Coleman for an article published in the GW Hatchet at George Washington University (2016).

?The 10 Places with the Lowest Burglary Rates in the U.S.,? interviewed by Devon Thorsby for a feature article about home burglary for U.S. News and World Report (2016).

?Reducing the Risk of Theft- Theft comes in many forms and if left unchecked, can become a constant issue.? Interview with Brad Perkins for Convenience Store Decisions magazine (2016).

?5 Quick and Low-Tech Tips to Prevent Shoplifting in Your Retail Store,? interviewed by Humayun Khan for an article published in Shopify magazine (2016.

?Home Security.? Interviewed by Gunner Rufo for the annual campaign about home security best practices for USA Today newspaper (2016).

?How can small shops in the prevent shoplifting losses?? interviewed by Amy Thompson for a story about retail store shoplifting prevention for SR News magazine, United Kingdom (2016).

?The biggest crime and loss challenges facing c-stores today,? interviewed by Tammy Mastroberte for a feature story about crime and loss in c-stores for Convenience Store News magazine (2016).

?5 Myths about Hotel Crime,? interviewed by Everett Potter for a story about common myths about hotel crime for USA Today newspaper (2016).

?What to Consider When Buying a Home Security System,? interviewed by Mark Toner for a story about home security published for In the Nation magazine (2016).

?Robbery on LA Metro Purple Line,? interviewed on KNX 1070 News Radio by Tom Reopelle discussing solutions to make late-night riders safe (2016).

?See Something Say Something!? Interviewed by Ryan Miller about the practical application of the national crime prevention adage for USA Today newspaper (2016).

?How to Prevent Theft at Your Wine and Liquor Store - Don't let profits walk out the door,? interviewed by Mike Bederka for an article in Small Business Smarts magazine (2016).

?Are there any changes to nightclub security following Pulse Nightclub massacre?? Interviewed by Kyle Arnold for a follow-up story for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper (2016).

?Is Airbnb a safe alternative to hotel bookings?? interviewed by Martina Babiakova about recent assaults at Airbnb rentals for Fox News (2016).

?10 Expert-Approved Home Security Tips for First-Time Homeowners,? interviewed by Sara Pike for a syndicated article published on Zillow real estate magazine (2016).

?Is the Economy Causing a Rise in Convenience Store Crime?? Interviewed by Christine Lavelle for a feature story published in Convenience Store Petroleum News magazine (2016).

?Nightclub Security Plan for San Francisco Gay Pride Weekend,? interviewed by Aidin Vaziri for a story about ramping up security in nightclubs and bars for San Francisco Chronicle newspaper (2016).

?How to Have Safe Travels When on Vacation,? interviewed by Shivani Vora about travel security for the New York Times newspaper (2016).

?Is there Business Liability for Mass Shootings,? interviewed by Rob Lenihan for a story about premises liability in the aftermath of a mass shooting for Business Journal magazine (2016).

?Security Experts: Mass Shootings are Unstoppable,? interviewed by Tony Saavedra about defense against an assault weapon attack for Orange County Register newspaper (2016).

?Are Soft Targets Selected by Mass Shooters,? interviewed by Michael Hernandez for a story about target selection by mass shooters for Anadolu Agency publications (2016).

?Club Owners, Security Experts say it?s Hard to Protect Against Attacks,? interviewed by Will Drabold about the terrorist attack at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL for Time magazine (2016).

?What?s Causing the Spike in Truck Thefts in Houston?? Interviewed by Brett Downer about the trend for News Radio 740 KTRH in Houston (2016).

?Women Want to Feel Safe,? interviewed by Hannah Chenoweth for a story about personal safety and security for Women?s World magazine (2016)

?Curbing Worker Theft,? interviewed by Senior Editor, Erin Rigik for a featured article about employee theft in convenience stores for Convenience Store Decisions magazine, Feb. (2016).

?Flash Mob Trigger Fights in Malls,? interviewed by Steve McLinden about thousands of teens descending on malls causing disruption and fights for Shopping Centers Today magazine (2016).

?How bad is it to leave your purse in the shopping cart as you shop at the grocery store?" Jessica Dickler interview for May advice column at NBC Universal HGTV Magazine (2016).

?Home Alarm System Security,? Segment about home alarm system quick fixes for TruTv Series Hack My Life for True Entertainment (2016).

?Home Security: Hiding Keys Outside; Need to lock your car parked in the driveway?" Jessica Dickler interview for April advice column at NBC Universal HGTV Magazine (2016).

?Fast & Furious,? interviewed by Fox News for a story about auto theft for export and the likelihood of recovering a stolen Lamborghini Aventador Convertible worth $450K (2015).

?Home Security Tips,? interviewed by Doug Vincent for a special crime prevention month program on KFRG CBS Radio, Riverside CA (2015)

?Are TSA locks adequate for preventing baggage intrusion,? interviewed by Jenna McLaughlin about an airport travel security issue for The Intercept magazine, Washington DC (2015).

?Should Banks be Required to Install Panic Buttons on ATM machines?? Interviewed by Wendy Corona for a story aired on WSB-TV Atlanta, GA (2015).

?Is your Hotel Safe Really Safe?? interviewed by Carly Ledbetter for an investigative report published in the Huffington Post (2015).

?Trump's Guard 'didn't go too far' Smacking that Protester,? interviewed by Allan Smith for a story about use of force by a bodyguard for Business Insider (2015).

?Vester Flanagan Forced World to be his Audience by shooting former workplace colleagues,? interviewed by Royal Oaks on Live-at-Six - KABC News-Talk Radio Show Los Angeles (2015).

?Vester Flanagan Forced World to be his Audience by shooting former workplace colleagues,? interviewed by Royal Oaks on Live-at-Six - KABC News-Talk Radio Show Los Angeles (2015).

?Murder is the second most likely way for women to die at work,? interviewed by Dan Keating for a story about workplace violence for The Washington Post newspaper (2015).

?How to Stay Safe When Renting through Airbnb,? interviewed by Stephanie Gaskell for a story about travel security and safe lodging abroad for Yahoo Travel (2015).

?Armed Security Guards Need Background Check,? interviewed by investigative reporter Lisa McCormick for Fox 4 News WDAF-TV in Kansas City, MO (2015).

?Violent Crime Surges in Los Angeles,? interviewed by Peter Tilden on Live-at-Six - KABC News-Talk Radio Show Los Angeles (2015).

?Avoid Being an ATM Robbery Victim,? interviewed by Sarah Buzaglo for a story published in Mishpacha Magazine (2015).

?Prevent your Car from Being Stolen,? interviewed by Emmett Pierce about tips for protecting your vehicle from auto theft for Bankrate (2015).

?Hotel Safety: What You Don't Know?Thieves and fires can ruin your vacation or worse.? Interview by Kathleen Doheny for Underwriters Laboratory Safe Bee magazine (2015).

?St. Augustine's Conch House did Everything Wrong!? Interviewed by Stuart Korfhage for a story about bouncer misconduct during bar brawl caught on video for the St. Augustine Record (2015).

?Popeye?s Terminates Employee for Violating Cash Handling Policy,? interviewed by Lisa Jenkins about safety policy enforcement for National Retail Federation Stores Magazine (2015).

?Guard Firing Warning Shots Fired,? interviewed by Israel Bombaret about a West Palm Beach security guard firing warning shot after a fleeing theft suspect for CBS News (2015).

?Preventing Home Invasion Robbery, and Burglary,? interviewed by Dunagun Kaiser for a video podcast published on the YouTube Channel for Reluctant Preppers show (2015).

?Should Drones be used for Shopping Center Surveillance?? interviewed by Craig Guillot for a story published in the National Retail Federation Stores Magazine (2015).

?Is there a Crime Trend at Fast-Food Restaurants?? Interviewed by Charles Passy for a story about causes of crime for Market Watch at the Wall Street Journal (2015).

?Best Place to Hide Money in your Home,? interviewed by Greg Daugherty for a story about stashing your emergency cash at home for SafeBee (2015).

?Preventing Burglary and Home Invasion Robbery,? TV guest on the Home & Family Show to discuss home security preventive tips on the Hallmark Channel (2015).

?Using Technology for Home Security?? Interviewed by Jared Council for a story about using smart-home wireless and cell technology for the Indianapolis Business Journal (2015).

?How Safe are Hotel Safes,? interviewed by Lee Ginsberg for a story about protecting personal property while staying overnight at lodging facilities for Yahoo Travel (2015).

?Eyewear Store Loss Prevention? interviewed by Jessie Burkhart for an article about preventing theft in retail outlets for Invision Magazine (2015).

?Combating Retail Return Fraud after Holiday Sales,? interviewed by Tiffany Hsu for a story about consumers gaming the system with bogus returns for Los Angeles Times newspaper (2014).

?Rape on Campus,? interviewed on Newsmax TV by Ed Berliner about the recent sexual assaults at University of Virginia fraternities and at rape statistics at University of Connecticut (2014).

?Retail Profiling Lawsuits - More Businesses Rather Lose Merchandise than Detain Potential Shoplifters,? interviewed by Abigail Sterling for a special investigative report for KPIX Channel 5 San Francisco - CBS Television Stations (2014).

?Does the New Ban on Plastic Bags in Stores Cause Shoplifting to Rise?? Interviewed live on Mid-Day LA Talk Radio 790 KABC-AM with John Phillips & Jillian Barberie (2014).

?Keep Shoplifters at Bay,? interviewed by Phillip Perry for story published in a syndicated column published in a hundred business trade magazines (2014).

?Man Watches House Burglarized,? interviewed for story about a home burglar caught by streaming-video camera and cell phone technology for ABC News Good Morning America (2014).

?Scotty McCreery Home Invasion Robbery,? interviewed by Blair Garner for the American?s Morning radio show about the robbery of American Idol winner Scotty McCreery (2014).

?Home Security in One Weekend,? interviewed by Susan Feinstein for a feature article in Consumer Reports magazine (2014).

?Home Invasion,? interviewed live on am 920 CKNX radio in Midwestern Canada for the Talk Show with Brian Allen (2014).

?California Judge Rules Raley's Store Manager Liable for Shoplifter Injury,? interviewed by Paul Payne about use of force rules for merchants for The Press Democrat newspaper (2014).

?Home Security,? interviewed by Emmett Pierce for a story about the best inexpensive home security tips for Bank Rate Magazine (2014).

?Panic at New Jersey Mall in Shooting Aftermath,? interviewed by Tom Haule and Linda Nunz on CBS KNX 1070 radio about shopping mall security (2013).

?6 Simple Low-Tech Ways to Reduce Shoplifting,? interviewed by Jennifer Gregory about simple and inexpensive methods to combat retail theft for Entrepreneur Magazine and republished in Reuters (2013).

?Vacation Home Security Tips,? interviewed by Jolie Ancel for the Home & Family radio show about common sense family security planning (2013).

?Alarm System Options for Apartment Renters,? interviewed by Judy Stringer for an article published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper (2013).

?Fending off a Home Intruder,? interviewed by Heather Riske for a story about home invasion preparedness for Men?s Health magazine (2013).

?Holiday Home Security Tips,? interviewed by Jennie Higgins for a story about home security while on winter vacation for This Old House magazine (2013).

?Preventing Crime in Public Storage,? interviewed by Elizabeth Ferrin for an article published in Mini-Storage Messenger magazine (2013).

?Home Security Through Your Smartphone,? interviewed for a feature story about high-tech home security for Channel 2, CBS News, New York (2013).

?Video Surveillance Options for Small business,? interviewed by John Pullen for an article published in Entrepreneur Magazine (2013).

?Terrorism Alert: What Should Overseas Travelers Do?? interviewed by Grace Cutler about State Department travel warnings to the Middle-East for Fox News (2013).

?ATM Drive-Thru Robbers Sought,? interviewed by Daniel Chacon about serial ATM robbers and how to avoid becoming a victim for the Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper (2013).

?Theft Solutions for Eye Care Salons,? interviewed by Erin Morgan for an a story about preventing theft losses for Eye Care Magazine (2013).

?Shoppers Guide to Preventing Auto Theft & Carjacking,? interviewed by Michael DeWara for a feature article for International Business Times (2013).

?Burglary Prevention Tips While on Vacation,? interviewed by Kara Yorio for an article published in The Record newspaper New Jersey (2013).

?How Can You Prevent ID Theft in today?s Digital Times?? interviewed by Stephanie Simon for a story published in Identity Protection newsletter (2013).

?Security Expert Comments on the Tampa Convenience Store Homicide,? interviewed by Dan Sullivan about a recent c-store murder for the Tampa Bay Times newspaper (2013).

?Home Safe Home,? on-camera interview with Bridget Carey for a story about low and high-tech security options for homeowners and renters for WCBS-CBS TV New York (2013).

?What Can Homeowners do to Prevent Home Invasion,? interviewed live on The Talk Show with Brian Allen on CKNXam 920 radio London, Ontario, Canada (2013).

?Inventory Shrinkage Challenge,? interviewed by Lisa Gerard for a story about small business solutions to inventory loss for Entrepreneur Magazine (2013).

?Home Security: Are You Really Safe?? TV segment filmed on-location demonstrating before and after home security solutions for the NBC Today Show (2013).

?Will High-Tech Gadgets Provide Better Home Security?? Created a series of video segments for use on TV shows for News-Pro-Net (2013).

?Personal Safety Tips for the Home, Family & Workplace,? created a series of personal safety video segments for the John Tesh TV show (2013).

?How Does the Public Know if a Bank ATM Location is Dangerous?? Interviewed by Torres McNelly for a story on ATM crime for Florida Center for Investigative Reporting (2013).

?Plan to Stay Safe,? interviewed by Howard Riell for an article about cash management systems and safes technology published in Convenience Store Decisions magazine (2013).

?International Travel Security Requires Planning,? interviewed by Jay Clark for a feature story about how to travel safely during these turbulent times for the Miami Herald newspaper (2013).

?Before you Leave on Vacation, Have a Security Plan,? interviewed by Lee Katz for a story about family vacation planning for Liberty Mutual Magazine (2013).

?Is Your Car a Target for Auto Parts Theft?? Interviewed by Emmett Pierce for an article published in Bankrate Insurance magazine (2013).

?Target Store Hit by Organized Retail Thieves,? On air radio interview with Ron Kilgore about high volume merchandise thefts in San Pedro, California for KNX 1070 News Radio (2013).

?Safely Managing Petty Cash,? interviewed by Susan Johnson for an article about business cash handling procedures to prevent loss for American Express client services (2013).

?Keeping Your Home Safe,? interviewed by Jennifer Alsever for a story about ten tips for home and family safety for MSN (2013).

?New Trend in Pet Surveillance,? interviewed by Misty Harris for a story about using home video surveillance technology to remotely monitor pets for Postmedia News Canada (2013).

?Technology @ Home Security?? interviewed by Julie Schmit for a story about the benefits and misconceptions of using technology for security USA Today newspaper (2013).

?Bank Robberies Down in US,? interviewed by Jack Nicas about the reasons behind the nationwide decline in bank robberies for the Wall Street Journal newspaper (2013).

?Security Solutions at CES,? interviewed by Kelly Grant about the plethora of electronic security systems offered at the Consumer Electronics Show for Smart Money magazine (2013).

?Philly Pest Control Worker Murders Doctor and Lights Her on Fire,? IQ-106 radio interview with Mary Ellen Geist about the murder of Doctor Malissa Ketunuti in her home (2013).

Past Media Contacts

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