Examples of Media Contacts - 2012

"Campus Safety in US and China," participated in an international panel discussion about school violence solutions for China International Today Radio Show Beijing, PRC (2012).

"Clackamus Town Center Shooting," interviewed by Suzanne Stevens for a breaking news story about the active-shooter incident for Portland Business Journal, Portland, Oregon (2012).

"Mall Security," interviewed by Jessica Rosenthal about the Clackamus, Oregon Mall Shooting for the Fox News Radio (2012).

"Calls for Mandated Security for Convenience Stores Questioned," interviewed by Amy Canfield for a story about C-store security ordinances for Security Director News (2012).

"Staying Safe During the Holidays," interviewed by Ben Giles about family protection while shopping and traveling for the Washington Examiner newspaper (2012).

"6 Steps to Protecting Your Financial Self," interviewed by The Street magazine for a story about preventing loss from credit cards and bank accounts (2012).

"Is Fighting Back the Best Tactic for Colleges in an Active Shooter Scenario" Interviewed by Alexis Shaw for a story about campus training options for ABC News, New York (2012).

"Do It Yourself Home & Business Alarm Systems," interviewed by Erik Martin for an article published in Costco Magazine (2012).

"Bomb Threats Require Emergency Planning," interviewed by Ryan Johnson for an article about bomb threats response at universities for the Forum at North Dakota State University (2012).

"Hiding Spare Keys Around the House," interviewed by Jessica Feder for a story about the risk hiding spare keys near an entry door for HGTV magazine (2012).

"Residence Hall Security Involves Planning," interviewed by Matt Starns for a feature story about student safety in college dorms published in the Daily Iowan newspaper (2012).

"Make Your House One that Burglars Will Avoid," interviewed by Susan Salsbury for an article about family security planning for the Palm Beach Post newspaper (2012).

"Clinton Man Charged with Murder in Pepco Imposter Scheme," interviewed by Bill Giles for a follow-up story about home invasion robbers for Washington Examiner newspaper (2012).

"Hotel Crime Trends in New York City," interviewed by Kelly Pace for a story about crime prevention procedures used by hotels for NBC News NYC (2012).

"Use of Excessive Force by Nightclub Bouncers," interviewed by Dennis Shannon about reasonable training for bouncers in nightclubs for the KONA radio show - Washington (2012).

"Nightclub Security & Bouncer Training," interviewed on a radio talk-show by Chad Malkus for the Shore Law Show an ABC affiliate ? WCEM-AM in Maryland (2012).

"Simple Home Security Tips," interviewed by Kevin Cirilli for an article about basic steps for securing a home on a budget for Men's Health magazine (2012).

"Home Safe Selection Guide," interviewed by Anne Stuart for a story about how to assess the proper a home safe for Consumers Digest magazine (2012).

"Beware - Home Invasion Robbers Posing as Utility Workers," interviewed by Ben Giles for an investigative report about these robberies for the Washington Examiner newspaper (2012).

"Low-Tech Loss Prevention Methods: Employee Theft & Shoplifting," interviewed by Michael Sudmeire for a feature article in Action Outdoor & Bike magazine (2012).

"Burglar-Proof your Home for Free," interviewed by Kristina Mastrocola for a story about inexpensive home security ideas for Women's World magazine (2012).

"Home Security - From the Cable Guy," interviewed by Kellie Grant for a story about cable companies offering alarm services for Smart Money magazine (2012).

"Evolution of Cash Management," interviewed by Howard Riell for a feature article about Smart Safes designed to make employees safer for Convenience Store Decisions magazine (2012).

"Honing In on Lost Goods," Interviewed by Kelly Grant for an article about the efficacy of GPS tracking devices published in the Wall Street Journal newspaper (2012).

"Shoppers Shaken by Assaults with Carts at City's Malls," interviewed by Tim Stelloh for a story about the bizarre use of shopping carts for the New York Times newspaper (2012).

"Training in Robbery Prevention Promotes Employee Safety," interviewed by Dianne Molvig for an article published in Pizza Today magazine (2012).

"Security at the Scene of the Crime," interviewed by Bill Brenner for an article about securing notorious crime scenes for CSO magazine (2012).

"Home Invasion - What Would you Do?" interviewed by Emily Mahaney for a feature story about surviving home invasions and street robberies for Glamour magazine (2012).

"Spring Break Home Safety Tips While on Vacation," interviewed by Claire St. Amant for an article about burglary prevention tips for unoccupied homes for Associa Living (2012).

"Shoppers Gone Wild," interviewed by Teresa Novellino about trends in flash mob robberies and the near riot at the Apple Store in Beijing for Portfolio magazine (2012).

"Home Invasion Rattles MD Neighborhood," interviewed by Emily Babay for an investigative report about home invasion robberies in Bethesda, Washington Examiner newspaper (2012).

"Lax Security Claimed in Apartment Complexes," interviewed by Aisling Swift for a story about recent ligation involving violent crime on rental property for Naples Daily News (2012).

"Basic Safe Room Construction for Homeowners," interviewed by Jim Gorman for a feature article published in Popular Mechanics Magazine (2012).

Past Media Contacts

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