Examples of Media Contacts - 2011

"Holiday Crime: Who is Vulnerable and How to Prevent it?" Interviewed live on the Insight Show with David Watts Burton on NPR national public radio, Sacramento, CA. (2011).

"Burglary Prevention Tips for Tattoo Salons," interviewed by Derrin Burke for a story published in PAIN magazine (2011).

"Crooks Prey on Unsuspecting Credit Card Customers," interviewed by Martha White for a story about tips for preventing credit card number skimming for Time magazine (2011).

"4 Risky Places to Swipe your Debit Card," interviewed by Claes Bell for a story about protecting debit card account from fraud for Bankrate magazine (2011).

"Invasion Attempt Worries Neighbors," interviewed by Jim Rothgeb for a story about a series of home invasion robberies for The Californian newspaper (2011).

"After shootings, Nightclubs Grow Cautious," interviewed by Adam Beasley for a story about steps needed to keep guns out of nightclubs for the Miami Herald newspaper (2011).

"University of Iowa safer since grad student killed five, wounded one, then killed himself in 1991," interviewed by Matt Starns for a feature article for The Daily Iowan newspaper (2011)

"Flash Robs - Fuel Retailer Fear of Holiday Season Group theft instigated, in part, through social media has stores on guard," interviewed by Robert Klara for a story about social-media multiple-offender crimes for Adweek magazine New York (2011).

"Occupational Profile for Security Guards," interviewed by Emily Richards as an expert resource to update the Occupational Outlook Handbook for the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011).

"Solving Crime Problems in Apartment Buildings and HOA's," interviewed by Brad King as a security expert for the The Chicagoland Cooperator - Safety & Security Edition (2011).

"Security Advice for Apartment Renters," interviewed by Judy Stringer for an article about staying safe in rental housing for the Cleveland Plain Dealer magazine (2011).

"Prevent Loss in Hotels using Security Technology," interviewed by Lin Grensing-Pophal about the technology is available for loss prevention for Hospitality Technology magazine (2011).

"Experts are Important in Liquor Liability Cases," interviewed by Jan Trendowski for an article published in the Connecticut Law Tribune (2011).

"Keeping Your Family Safe during a Home Invasion Robbery," on-air discussion with Morgan Dukes for Sheridan Broadcasting Network (2011).

"Family Plan for Surviving Home Invasion Robbery," on-air discussion about family planning for safety on the Home Wizards Radio Show hosted by Cindy Dole (2011).

"What"s Behind Decline of C-Store Hold-Ups?" Interviewed by Joe Bush for a feature story about downward trend in convenience store robberies for Oil Express magazine (2011).

"Building the Right Fence for you and your Budget," interviewed by Marilyn Lewis as an expert resource for an article published in MSN Real Estate magazine (2011).

"Upscale Security " Home Monitoring Systems," interviewed by Priyanka Dayal for an article about remotely monitored home video surveillance for Worcester Telegram & Gazette newspaper (2011).

"Experts Weigh In on Criminal Flash Mobs," interviewed by Pamela Babcock for a story about organized crime sprees for the Society of Human Resource Management magazine (2011).

"Car Theft Trends," interviewed by Tom Smith for a story about patterns of auto theft and how they can be prevented for the Times Daily newspaper Florence, AL (2011).

"Focus on Crime in Neighborhoods near Airports & Train Stations," interviewed by Gary Stoller for a feature story published in USA Today newspaper (2011).

"Crime at Malls," interviewed by Erin Quinn about criminal activity at shopping centers and what steps are necessary make them safe for The Tennessean newspaper (2011).

"Your Medical Files have been Stolen - Now what do you do" Interviewed by Tim Gulla for a story about ID theft prevention and recovery steps for The Gaffney Ledger newspaper (2011).

"Gates don't always ensure community safety in the rising tide of burglaries," interviewed by Robert Nolin for an investigative report for the Sun Sentinel newspaper (2011).

"Securing VIP Guests in a Hotel Setting," interviewed by Gina Ragone as an expert resource for an article published in Hotel Management magazine (2011)

"You"re Best Friend Against Crime," interviewed by Beth Braverman for a story about the benefit of using dogs as a home burglary deterrent for Money Magazine (2011).

"Help, I"ve Been Carjacked!" Interviewed by Linda Melone for a story about preventing carjacking for Car Insurance magazine (2011).

"Tough Times for Auto thieves," interviewed by Marilyn Lewis about the reason for the drop in car theft crime rate for MSN Money magazine (2011).

"ATM Security " Are They Safe" Interviewed by Katie Kuehner for a cover story about the need for crime risk assessments at ATM machine locations for Risk & Insurance magazine (2011).

"Prevent ID Theft," interviewed by Claes Bell for a story about not becoming an ID theft victim and recovering from a loss for Bank Rate magazine (2011).

"Be Aware of Crime on the Streets," interviewed by Casey Paneta for an article about avoiding street crime for Men"s Health magazine (2011).

"Securing This Old House," interviewed by Jeanne Baron for an article about adding physical security to an historic home for This Old House magazine (2011).

"Hotel Robbery Spree in Williamsburg," interviewed by Rusty Carter as an expert resource for a story about preventing the crime trend for the Virginia Gazette newspaper (2011).

"Shoplifting in the New Economy," interviewed by Craig Gillot for a feature article in Stores Magazine about the rising costs for shoplifting (2011).

"Flawed Investigations Raise Government Security Clearance Questions," interviewed by Tim McIlhatten for an investigative report for the Washington Times newspaper (2011).

"Things to Consider when Purchasing a Home Alarm System," interviewed by Katherine New for an article in the Huffington Post newspaper (2011).

"Preventing Crime & Violence in Common Interest Developments," interviewed by Tammy Lytle about the complexities of condominium security for Common Ground magazine (2011).

"How to Build a Panic Room?" interviewed by Mark Russell for a story about the options available for building a safe room inside your home for Wired magazine (2011).

"Are Employers Criminally Liable for Workplace Violence?" Interviewed by Kerry Rowe for a white paper published at the University of Western Ontario, Canada (2011).

"Condo Buyers Should Consider Security & Safety," interviewed by Kari Richardson for a real estate story about crime risk when buying a condominium for the Chicago Tribune (2011).

"Police Department Cracking Down on Convenience Store Crime," interviewed by Lisa Halverstadt about a security ordinance in Glendale for Arizona Republic newspaper (2011).

"Found a Lost Credit Card" 4 Safe ways to be a Good Samaritan," interviewed by Marcia Frellick for an article about penalties for illegally possessing a credit card for CreditCards.com website (2011).

"Armed Walgreen"s Worker Foils Robbery - Fires Shot at Robber," interviewed By Jim Dalgleish for a story about retail workers carrying guns for Herald Palladium newspaper (2011).

"Crime & Violence at Fast-Food Restaurants," interviewed by Christopher Beam for a story about the frequency of crime and violence at fast-food outlets in Washington DC for Slate magazine (2011).

"Bouncers Need Training," consulted with Spike TV about filming a project involving nightclub bouncers and job related violence (2011).

"Customers at Risk during a Bank Robbery," interviewed by Ty Tagami for an article about a teller response during a bank robbery for the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper (2011).

"ID Theft Risk after Sony PlayStation Game Data Breach," interviewed by Ashley Lucia for a story about steps subscribers should take to reduce the risk for Bloomberg TV (2011).

"Shopping Center Homeland Security Alert Status Ten Years After 9/11," interviewed by Craig Guillot for a feature story in the National Retail Federation Stores magazine (2011).

"Raven Alert Student Warning System," interviewed by Denny Carter about a story and a new early warning system being tested for schools for eCampus News (2011).

"8 People You Trust with your Credit Card, but Shouldn't," interviewed by Erica Sandberg for an article about identity theft and credit card fraud for CreditCards.com website (2011).

"Year of the Gun," interviewed by Sarah Ryley for a cover story about the drastic increase in gun violence in the United States for the Daily News (2011).

"British Shoplifting Loses Rise - What can be Done to Prevent the Trend." Interviewed live by Richie Allen for Talk Radio Europe S.L. in Marbella, Spain (2011).

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