Examples of Media Contacts - 2010

?Serial Robber Strikes Late-Night Stores,? interviewed by Kevin Elliott for a story about robbery prevention and employee safety for the Capital Journal newspaper, Topeka, KS. (2010).

?Retailers Battle Theft During the Holidays,? interviewed by Mark Cross for a story about retail loss prevention strategies for the News Press newspaper Ft Meyers, FL. (2010).

?Burglarproof a Vintage Home,? interviewed by Natilie Gingerich for an article about security solutions designed for older homes for This Old House magazine (2010).

?Security Tips for a Safe Holiday Season,? interview in Times Square in New York City about security advice for the home and family for CBS - Channel 2 television (2010.

?Background Checks for Government Workers ? Are they Good Enough? Interviewed by Jim McElhatton for an article for the Washington Times newspaper (2010).

?Protect Store Employees from Criminal Acts,? interviewed by Maura Keller for an article about how to protect employees and reduce liability for National Petroleum News magazine (2010).

?Do you have a Home Alone Safety Plan?? interviewed by Erin Stringer for an article about home security tips for children left home alone for Kidproof magazine (2010).

?Home Security for the Holidays; Have a Family Security Plan to Survive Home Invasion Robbery; Auto Crimes at Mall Parking Lots; Interviewed live by Cindy Dole on the Home Wizards radio show, KFWB - News Talk 980 Los Angeles, CA (2010)

?Employee Theft Warning Signs,? interviewed by Sarah Martinez for a story about retail store loss prevention for Garden Center magazine (2010).

?Staying Safe on Black Friday Shopping,? interviewed by Kelli Grant for a story about defensive shopping on the day after thanksgiving for Smart Money magazine (2010).

?What can a Family do to Survive a Home Invasion Robbery,? interviewed live on the Roy Green Show for the nationally syndicated Corus Radio Network in Montreal, Canada (2010)

?Recreational Shoplifting,? interviewed by Samantha Harris for a story about students engaging is shoplifting for entertainment for Georgetown University student newsletter (2010).

?Auto Crimes Rank High at Shopping Centers,? interviewed for TV news by David Goldstein for a special report about shopping center auto crime for KCBS-TV Los Angeles (2010).

?Travelers Guide to Home Security,? interviewed by Sean Burke for an article about protecting your home while traveling for Delta Sky in-flight magazine (2010)

?Loss Prevention Tips,? interviewed by Erin Morgan for a store about preventing retail theft in eyewear stores for Eye Care Business magazine (2010).

?Should Shopping Centers Implement Teen Curfew?? interviewed by Elaine Misohnic for a story about preventing loitering in malls for Retail Traffic magazine (2010).

?Travelers Concerned about Hotel Security,? interviewed by Catherine Ham for an article published in the Chicago Tribune, (2010).

?Tips for Buying a Home Safe,? interviewed by Greg Dougherty for a story about home security published in Consumer Reports magazine (2010).

?Hotel Guest Claims Inadequate Security Following Room Theft,? interviewed by Steve Schuster for an article for Milwaukee Magazine (2010).

?Serial Shoplifters Frustrate Mall Stores,? interviewed by Craig Hambrick about a story of professional thieves targeting mall boutique stores for the Charleston City Paper (2010).

?Creating a Family Security Plan,? interviewed live on the Home Wizards Show hosted by Cindy Dole for KFWB 980 CBS Radio in Los Angeles (2010).

?Budweiser Plant Shooting Raises Workplace Violence Concerns,? interviewed by Susan Misur for an article for the New Haven Register newspaper, CT (2010).

?Feeling Secure When Traveling Away From Home,? interviewed by Marc Boisclair for an feature article in Spirit Magazine for Southwest Airlines (2010).

?Campus Security,? interviewed by Noreen O?Donnell for an article about evolving trends in school security for Journal News, New York (2010).

?Firm has Security Guards who Shouldn?t be,? interviewed by Tanya Eiserer for a story about unlicensed guards with criminal histories for the Dallas Morning News newspaper (2010).

?Are Hotel Rooms Safe?? Interviewed by Catherine Hamm for an article about a hotel room burglary while residents slept for the Chicago Tribune (2010).

?Bank Deposit is Risky Business for Fast-Food Managers,? interviewed by Jene Cox for a story about safe options for bank deposits for Fox 59 News Indianapolis, IN (2010).

?Family Security Planning While on Vacation,? interviewed by Heather Scofield for an article about safe vacation travel for Lakeland Ledger, Orlando, FL (2010).

?Dealing with Graffiti in HUD Assisted-Housing,? interviewed by Susan Sempeles for an article about graffiti prevention strategies for Assisted Housing Management Guide (2010).

?Faisal Shahzad Car Bomb Scare,? interviewed by Katherine Creag for a story about car sale reporting, tracking, and registration for Fox 5 News WNYW, New York (2010).

?Are Hotels Safer Since the Erin Andrews Stalking Incident?? Interviewed by Ashley Smith for a follow-up story for Associated Press (2010).

?Refund Fraud - Loose Store Polices can Break the Bank,? interviewed by Philip Perry for a story about retail refund fraud for the Country Business magazine (2010).

?Twelve Cheap Effective Ways to Defend your Home Against Burglaries and Home Invasions,? interviewed by Marilyn Lewis for a story for MSN Real Estate (2010).

?Florida Law Makes Workplace Violence Lawsuits Difficult? interviewed by John Barry for a story about the Publix workplace shooting for St. Petersburg Times newspaper, FL (2010)

?Restaurants Workers Blamed for Credit Card ID Theft,? interviewed by Keyonna Summers for an article about dishonest restaurant servers for the Florida Today newspaper (2010).

?Professional Shoplifters Sentenced after Dr. Phil Show Confession,? interviewed by Mike von Fremd about the conviction of the Eaton family for the TV show Good Morning America - ABC News (2010).

"Bling-Ring - Home Burglary Lessons," interviewed by Claire Martin about the recent rash of celebrity home burglaries around Los Angeles for Marie Claire magazine (2010).

"Car Anti-Theft Devices," interviewed by Tara Titcombe for an article about auto theft prevention devices for AAA Living magazine (2010).

"Phishing Scams," interviewed by Duncan Smith for an article published in the Daily Mississippian newspaper (2010).

?Personal Safety for You and Your Family," interviewed on The Karel Show live on radio KGO AM 810, San Francisco (2010).

"Shopping for a Security Safe for Restaurant Operations," Interviewed by Daniel Smith for an article about selecting a security safe in restaurant operations for Pizza Today magazine (2010).

Past Media Contacts

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