Examples of Media Contacts - 2009

"Beefing Up Home Security", interviewed by Marilyn Lewis for an article about preventing burglary and home invasion for MSN Money Magazine (2009).

?What can a Company do to Prevent Workplace Violence?? interviewed on air by David Singer for KNX 1070 News Radio, Los Angeles (2009).

?Things Your Burglar Won?t Tell You,? interviewed by Sandi Balcar for an article reprinted in Front Porch Magazine Caldwell, Texas (2009).

?Holiday Home Security?, interviewed by Tom Barlow for an article about reducing risk of burglary during the holidays for AOL?s WallerPop.com (2009).

?The Creep in the Office, Is he Dangerous? Interviewed by Jane Ferrell for a feature article about a murdered Yale student for Betty Confidential magazine in New York (2009).

?Workplace Violence,? interviewed by Loraine Herman about the murder of Anne Le at Yale University for KNX 1070 News Radio, Los Angeles (2009).

?Drunk Driving Prevention or False Imprisonment by Nightclub Bouncers?? interviewed by Steve Beam for a story in the N.Y. Post newspaper (2009).

?Hiring & Screening Seasonal Security Staff,? interviewed by Stephanie Overman for an article published in Human Resource Management magazine (2009).

?Crime Increases in Area Malls, interviewed by Stephanie Toone for an article about rising crime trends and what malls can do to reverse them for the Augusta Chronicle newspaper (2009).

?Convenience Store Robberies Bring Criticism about Risk of Late-Night Operations,? interviewed by Tim Harrell for Fox News (2009).

?Stolen Credit Card Data - What can People Do to Protect Themselves?? Interviewed on air by Loraine Herman about recent trends in credit card data theft for KNX Radio (2009).

?Monitor Your C-Store from Home with Internet-Based Video Surveillance Cameras.? Interviewed by Bob Gatty for an article in Petroleum Marketers Journal (2009).

?13 Things a Burglar Won?t Tell You,? interviewed by Michelle Crouch for an article published in Readers Digest magazine (2009).

?After Shooting, Mall Says It Did Everything to Keep People Safe,? interviewed by Andrew Asch about the Beverly Center Mall shooting in California Apparel News magazine (2009).

?Schools Learn Security Lessons,? interviewed by Laura Spadanuta for an article about improvement in school security for Security Management Magazine (2009).

?What?s new in High-Tech Inventory Management and Shortage Reduction,? interviewed by Pat Pape for an article in C-Store Decisions magazine (2009)

?Surveillance Training can help Retailers keep a Handle on Shrink,? interviewed by D. Gail Fleenor for a feature story in National Retail Federation?s Stores Magazine (2009).

?Police Fear More 7-Eleven Robberies,? interviewed by Robert Nolin about the spree of armed robberies in Ft. Lauderdale Florida for the Sun Sentinel newspaper (2009).

?Preventing Crime at Sea,? interviewed by Diana Wing for an article about crime prevention and personal safety on cruise ships for Woman?s Day magazine (2009).

?Recession Boosts Shoplifting Losses in Stores,? interviewed by D. Gail Fleenor for an article about retail loss prevention in Stores magazine (2009).

“Two Drive-Thru Patrons Wanted Cash, Not Fries, with that;” interviewed by Bob Glissman for an article about a fast-food restaurant robbery spree. Omaha World Herald newspaper (2009).

“Bouncers–97% Nothing, 3% Hell and Terror,” interviewed by Michael Hemmingson for a cover story article in the San Diego Reader magazine (2009).

“Nightclub Bouncers Need Training,” interviewed by Gary Craig for a story about violent bouncers at clubs for the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper Rochester, NY (2009).

“Reducing Return Fraud,” interviewed by Phillip Perry for a story about a spike in fraudulent refunds in retail stores during recessionary times for The Business Editor (2009).

“Hotel Security Worries Business Travelers,” interviewed by Dave Dermejian about safety concerns at international hotels after Mumbai bombings for Business Traveler magazine (2009).

“Condominium Security – Tips for Homeowner Associations,” interviewed by Ashley Wright for a feature article published in Condo Owner magazine (2009).

“Police Substations set up in Shopping Centers to Curb Crime,” interviewed by Brian Haas for an article published in the Sun Sentinel newspaper, Fort Lauderdale, FL. (2009).

“Innovations in Convenience Store Security,” interviewed by Sara Hood for a story in the Missouri Association of C-Stores magazine (2009).

“Teen Gunmen Bent on Mass Murder and Suicide,” consulted with the Dr. Phil Show to identify profiles of teen shooters and how the public places can prepare for the onslaught (2009).

"Abduction from Wal-Mart Lot Raises Concerns on Parking Lot Security," interviewed by Kenneth Gailliard for an article published in the Myrtle Beach Sun News newspaper (2009).

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