Media Contacts - 2008

“Robber Shoots Guard in Armored Car Heist,” interviewed by Jennifer Mooney about safety procedures for armored car security guards for the Miami-Herald newspaper (2008).

“Hotel Security in the Wake of Mumbai Terrorist Attacks,” interviewed by Keith Bradsher about preparation for similar incidents in US hotels for the New York Times newspaper (2008).

“Are US Hotels Prepared for Terrorist Takeover?” interviewed by Roger Yu about hotel security standards in US to protect travelers for USA Today newspaper (2008).

“Professional Thieves Target Victoria Secret,” interviewed by Larmar Stancil about large thefts from the retailer for Press Journal newspaper, Florida (2008).

“Store Security in Wake of ToyRUs Shooting and Wal-Mart Trampling Death Incidents,” interviewed by Alice Gomstym for ABC News (2008).

“Home Security While on Extended Vacation,” interviewed by Jay Romano for an article about protecting your home on extended vacations for New York Times newspaper (2008).

“Convenience Store Robberies Continue,” interviewed by Jerry Weis about a disturbing pattern on late-night retail crime for Erie Times News (2008).

“Professional Shoplifters or Theft Addicts,” participated as a guest on the Dr. Phil Show as loss prevention industry expert to talk about the impact of retail shoplifters (2008).

“New Security Technology Helps Homeowners be Safe,” interviewed by Robert Felton for an article about crime prevention for New England Condominium magazine (2008).

“A Safe Bar is Good for Business,” interviewed by Becca Gladden for an article about preventing customer fights and injury for Billiards Table Talk newspaper, Phoenix (2008).

“How to Stay Safe on the Road – Hotel/Motel Room Sanctuary.” Interviewed for an article published in Kiplinger magazine (2008).

“Home Security Systems: Beyond the Panic Room,” interviewed by Diane Wedner for an article about high-tech home security solutions for the Los Angeles Times newspaper (2008).

“How to Secure Your Quick-Service Restaurant?” Interviewed by Maya Norris for an article about security planning for fast-food restaurants for Chain Leader magazine (2008).

“Rash of Robberies Calls for new Safety Tactics,” interviewed by Matthew Stannard about robbery prevention for the San Francisco newspaper (2008).

“Be Safe When You’re Away – Deter Thieves Before and During Your Vacation,” interviewd by Daralyn Shoenewald for the Abilene Reporter News (2008).

“Fight Five-Finger Bandits – Seven Tips for Keeping Shoplifters at Bay,” interviewed by Phillip Perry for a story in Aqua Magazine, New York (2008).

“Curbing Valet Parking Thefts,” interviewed by Jonah Lamb for an article about losses using valet parking services for the Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper (2008).

“North Park Mall Security Plan Needed to Curb Serious Crime,” interviewed by Josh Hixson for a feature story about recent trends in crime for Preston Hollow People newspaper, Dallas (2008).

“Extended Vacation Requires Broader Security Measures,” interviewed by Larry Olmsted as an expert resource for an article for Nationwide Insurance magazine (2008).

“ID Theft Protection,” radio interview by Greg Jarrett & Rosie Allen about proactive steps consumers can take for KGO News AM-810 (2008).

“Why is the Robbery Arrest Rate so Low?” Interviewed by Freeman Klopopt as an expert resource for an article publishedin the Washington Examiner newspaper (2008).

“Keyless Entry Systems will Open the Door of the Future,” interviewed by Scott Orr for an article about home security for the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper (2008).

“Mall Food Court Attracts Trouble,” interviewed by Josh Shafter for an article for the News & Observer newspaper, Raleigh, NC (2008).

“What’s Up at Chucky Cheese – Adults Fight at Multiple Locations,” interviewed by Anna Prior for an article for the Wall Street Journal newspaper (2008).

“Tell-Tale Signs of Workplace Violence,” interviewed by Brian Deagon as an expert resource for a story published in Investor’s Business Daily magazine (2008).

“Drive-Thru Window Security Trends,” interviewed by Marilyn Odesser-Torpey as an expert resource about fast-food restaurant drive-thru window safety for QSR Magazine (2008).

“How Safe are Large Shopping Centers?” Interviewed by Vivian Murion as an expert resource for and article for the Pittsburg Post Gazette newspaper (2008).

“Bouncer Chases Nightclub Patron to Death, interviewed by Gary McClendon about a suspicious use of force case for Democrat & Chronicle newspaper, Rochester, NY (2008).

“Protecting Your Home While on Vacation,” interviewed by Candy Williams for an article for the Pittsburg Tribune Review newspaper (2008).

“Avoiding Home Scams and Con Artists,” interviewed by Stacy Solie for an article published in the Scranton Times Tribune newspaper, PA (2008).

“Violent Take-Over Robbery at Crown Jewelers,” interviewed on CNN Headline News with Nancy Grace for a panel discussion about shopping mall violence (2008).

“Fast-Food Pranks – Fire in the Hole,” interviewed by Keyona Summers for an article published in Florida Today newspaper about teens that videotape assaults on drive-thru workers (2008).

“How to Identify Aggressive Potential in People,” interviewed by Lori Erickson for an article in Venue Safety & Security magazine (2008).

“In-Home Safe Room,” interviewed by Laren Weber for a story published in the Blade newspaper Toledo, Ohio (2008).

“Retail Store Exit Receipt Check Policy Brings Lawsuit,” interviewed by Anne Cadet for an article about excessive enforcement of store policy for Smart Money magazine (2008).

“How to Breakup a Physical Altercation,” interviewed by Brendan Koerner for an article about how to handle fights in nightclubs for Wired magazine (2008).

“New Technology Aids C-Store Security,” interviewed by Howard Riell about trends in safe, alarms, and video technology for Convenience Store Decisions magazine (2008).

“Stop Home Burglary at the Street,” interviewed by Jody Garlock as an expert resource for a feature article in MetLife’s Your Life magazine (2008).

“Preventing Shoplifting,” interviewed by Phillip Perry for an article for the National Association of the Self Employed magazine called Self Employed America (2008).

“Inventory Shrinkage: Focus on Employee Training and Awareness,” interviewed by Michael Sharkey for a feature article published in Retail Merchandiser magazine (2008).

“Murder Rate Doubles Raising Concern,” interviewed by Todd Ruger for a story about the startling statistics for Sarasota Herald Tribune newspaper (2008).

“Are Biometric Locks Safer for Home Security?” Interviewed by Scott Orr as an expert resource for a story about new lock technology for New House magazine (2008).

“Video surveillance Now Common in Restaurants,” interviewed by Carla Spartos as an expert resource for an article published in the N.Y. Post newspaper (2008).

“Security & Safety Practices in Medical Offices,” interviewed by John McCormick for an article published in American Medical News (2008).

“Increasing Theft Plagues Retailers,” interviewed by Maura Keller about a loss prevention story for Tobacco Retailer magazine (2008).

“Biometric Locks now offered in Homes,” interviewed by Meghan Townley for a story about the pros and cons of biometric locks for Good Housekeeping Magazine (2008).

“What are the Benefits of a Panic room or Safe Room? Interviewed by Sachin Kuray for an article about this home security feature for XPRESS Newspaper, Dubai, UAE (2008).

“#1 Mistake People Make in Handling Car Burglary or Theft,” interviewed by Tim Torres about handling insurance claims for Copley News (2008).

“Who is Responsible for Mall Security?” Interviewed by Jaclyn Jiovis for a story about the lack of security at some South Florida shopping centers for the Sun Sentinel newspaper (2008).

“Dos and Don’ts of Convenience Store Security Management,” interviewed by Maura Keller for an article published in National Petroleum Magazine (2008).

“Man Robbed of Fast-Food Bank Deposit,” interviewed by Freda Savana about a man who took $30,000 home instead of to the bank for the Intelligencer newspaper Doylestown, PA (2008).

“Mall Robbery Trend Targets Families with Children,” interviewed by Sophia Santana about recent robberies in Ft. Lauderdale for the Sun Sentinel newspaper (2008).

“Preventing Robberies at Mini-Storage Retail Centers,” interviewed by Kerry Fivecote-Campbell for Mini-Storage Messenger magazine (2008).

“Rising Cost of Retail Crime,” interviewed by Parija Bhatnagar for a story about the financial impact to merchants and customers to stop crime for CNN Money magazine (2008).

“Armored Car Imposter Gets Away with Half-Million,” interviewed by Ernesto London for a story about a recent bank robbery scam for the Washington Post newspaper (2008).

“New Technology in Home Security,” interviewed by Christopher Lot for an article about trends in home security for the Wall Street Journal (2008).

“Auto Theft Doubles in Past Year,” interviewed by Maria Zamudio for a story about the rapid rise in car thefts and possible causes for the Salinas Californian newspaper (2008).

“Armored Car Driver Robbed at Gunpoint,” interviewed by Stan Chambers for a story about courier vulnerability for the News Observer newspaper, Durham, N.C. (2008).

“Customer Sues for False Imprisonment at Mall Store,” interviewed by Jeff Parrott about a customer falsely detained for shoplifting in mall store for South Bend Tribune newspaper (2008).

“Fighting Theft in College Bookstores,” interviewed by Dan Pender for an article about preventing losses in bookstores for Campus News (2008).

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