Media Contacts - 2007

“Late Shift Proves Deadly to More Fast-Food Workers,” interviewed by Bruce Horovitz for a feature story about workplace homicides at fast-food restaurants for USA Today newspaper (2007).

“Home Security has Limits, Experts Say,” interviewed by Lily Garland about home alarm systems and cell phone backup option for the Commercial Appeal newspaper, Memphis, TN (2007).

“Hotel Room Security: Door Stops Provide Security,” interviewed by Catherine Shaw about making hotel rooms safer for the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong (2007).

“Off-duty Police make Shopping Safer,” interviewed by Mica Flores about the trend of hiring off-duty police during the holidays for the Burlington Times News, North Carolina (2007).

“Mall security in the wake of the shooting at an shopping mall in Nebraska today,” interviewed by Mark Chediak for the Orlando Sentinel newspaper (2007).

“Mall Security is now Higher on the List of Shopper Concerns,” interviewed by Paul Mann of Newsradio 1080 KRLD--CBS Radio Dallas about Omaha shooting spree (2007).

“Shopping Center Safety During the Holidays,” interviewed by Gabriel Gonzalez for KVEA-KWHY Telemundo in Los Angeles about concerns over Omaha shooting (2007).

“Are Shopping Centers Safe?” interviewed by Wayne Price for a follow up story about the shooting in an Omaha mall for Florida Today newspaper (2007).

“What are Shopping Centers doing to Protect Customers,” interviewed by Bill O’Neal for KTH News Radio, Houston, TX (2007).

“Omaha Shooting Raises Shoppers Safety Concern,” interviewed by Tony Rizzo about shooping center security issues for Kansas City Star newspaper (2007).

“Home Invasion Robbery Prevention,” interviewed by Dave Logan for 850 KOA-AM radio about a recent home invasion in Denver and how to prevent such a tragedy (2007).

“LAPD Quickly Squelches Internet Threat Against the Grove,” interviewed by Andrew Ash about a violent threat against a shopping center for California Apparel News (2007).

“Is Your Restaurant Adequately Secured?” interviewed by Milford Prewitt about security measures in restaurants for Nations Restaurant News (2007).

“Are School Security Plans Adequate?” Interviewed on-camera by Morgan Lowe about an investigation into security plans in Arizona school districts for CBS KPHO-TV, Phoenix (2007).

“Bomb Threat Scare at Miami Schools,” interviewed by Megan Jones about recent bomb threats and the response protocol necessary for safety for Florida Today newspaper (2007).

“Credit Card Readers Captured at Restaurant,” interviewed by Tom Bailey about the arrest of employees using a credit card reader for the Commercial Appeal newspaper Memphis (2007).

“Do’s and Don’ts of C-store Loss Prevention,” interviewed by Maura Keller for a story about loss prevention for National Petroleum News magazine (2007).

“Use of Biotech to Prevention Inventory Losses,” interviewed by Alex Nicoll for a story about using high-tech solutions in retail inventory control for Fashion Retail magazine (2007).

“Carjacking Solutions in Portugal,” interviewed by Susana Leitao for a story about carjacking in Portugal and preventive measures that can be taken for Diario de Noticias (2007).

“How to keep proprietary information safe while on the road?” Interviewed by Hunter Slaton about protecting your laptop and documents for Meetings & Conventions magazine (2007).

“Are Businesses Required to be Data Custodians?” Interviewed by Gary Stern for a story about business identity theft for the Small Business Review magazine (2007).

“There’s got to be an alternative to Social Security Numbers for ID,” interviewed by Janna Oberdorf for Parents magazine (2007).

“How to Protect Personal Identity Numbers from Theft,” interviewed by Tiffany Sun for a story about how women can protect themselves from ID theft for Quick & Simple magazine (2007).

“Crime Mapping Websites Help Identify Safe Neighborhoods,” interviewed by Lynn Marshall for an article about reliability of crime mapping for the Los Angeles Times newspaper (2007).

“Children at Risk from Gunmen at School,” interviewed by Ellen Klineman about the recent school shooting in Cleveland, Ohio for Plain View newspaper (2007).

“Security Planning to Protect Families from Home Invasion Robbers,” interviewed by Katie Malone for an article for Newsday magazine (2007).

“ATM Safety is Being Questioned” Interviewed by Jonathan Epstein about a story about the safety of using ATM machines for Buffalo News newspaper, New York (2007).

“Exit Bag Check Policy Challenged,” interviewed by Teresa Lindeman about the legality of retail store bag checks for the Pittsburg Post Gazette newspaper (2007).

“How Women can Protect Themselves from Identity Theft,” interviewed by Daisy Chan about ID theft protection planning for women for Redbook magazine (2007)

“Personal Safety for Families,” interviewed by Sid Sessler live on Keltz & Friends Morning Experience radio show on KODY radio Platte, Nebraska (2007).

“Home Alarm Systems,” interviewed by Christine Snyder for a story about alarm system features suitable for home security for Detroit News newspaper (2007).

“Home Invasion Murder – Every Family’s Nightmare,” interviewed by Alex Tresniowski for a feature article about a home invasion murder for People Magazine (2007).

“Personal Safety – Carjacking & Other Crimes”, interviewed live on the Roger Allen Show for Radio Colorado WFED 1050AM in Denver (2007).

“Shooting at Park Place Mall – What can Retailers Do?” Interviewed by Christie Smythe for a feature story for the Tucson Daily Star newspaper (2007).

“Home Invasion – A Family in Terror”, interviewed by Debra Hornblow about a protracted home invasion robbery in Connecticut for the Hartford-Courant newspaper (2007).

“Surviving Home Invasion,” interviewed by Brynn Mandel for an article about a protracted home invasion robbery in Connecticut for the Republican-American newspaper (2007).

“Teen Curfew at Shopping Malls, “ interviewed by Julie Rawe about the practice of prohibiting teenagers from hanging out at shopping malls for Time Magazine (2007).

“Shoplifting Plagues Retailers,” interviewed by Don Wade for an article about how retail stores can prevent shoplifting for the Memphis Daily Commercial Appeal newspaper (2007).

“How Stores can Prevent Crime,” interviewed live by Kelly Mitchell for the Mitchell & Morley radio show - WSTL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2007).

“Organized Retail Shoplifting,” interviewed by Evan Clark for a story about the practice of organized theft in stores for Women’s Wear Daily magazine (2007).

“Wal-Mart Shrinkage Increases,” interviewed by Ann D’Innocenzio about a recent disclosure that Wal-Mart is suffering from higher inventory loss for Associated Press (2007).

“What Lessons Were Learned in the Aftermath of the Virginia Tech Massacre?” interviewed by Matt Harwood for an article in Security Management magazine (2007).

“Top Ten Safety Tips for Solo Travelers,” interviewed by Sara Pascarella for an article about being safe while traveling alone for Smarter Traveler magazine (2007).

“For Bank Robbers, Location is Key,” interviewed by Stan Oklobdzija for a story about what banks should be doing to stop robberies for the Sacramento Bee newspaper (2007).

“Your Castle Should also be your Fortress,” guest host live on the Bob McCormick radio show about home security KNX News Radio, Los Angeles (2007).

“Security for Small Business,” interviewed by Darrin Burt about the basic security measures every retailer should employ for HQ magazine (2007).

“Restaurant Response to Violent Incidents,” interviewed by Paul Frumkin about workplace violence planning and response for Nations Restaurant News (2007).

“School Lockdown Plan Challenged,” interview by Shuan Sutner about a school lockdown procedures following a bomb threat for Worcester Telegram & Gazette, MA (2007).

“Home Security – Without Paying the Monthly Monitoring Fees,” interviewed by Mike Robbins for Bottom Line Personal (2007).

“Organized Retail Crime,” interviewed by Joel Groover for a feature article about the growing threat of organized retail crimes for Shopping Centers Today magazine (2007).

“7-Eleven Robber Strikes Again,” interviewed by Tom Moor about a serial robber targeting one convenience store chain for the South Bend Tribune, Indiana (2007).

“Are Fast-Food Restaurant Jobs Safe?” Interviewed by Keyonna Summers about a feature story about workplace violence in late-night restaurants for Florida Today newspaper (2007).

“Carjacking Spree Double Rate,” interviewed by Victor Ryckaert about recent carjacking trends for the Indianapolis Star newspaper (2007).

“Campus Security in Light of Virginia Tech Shootings,” interviewed by Kay Kaufman about campus security planning for Desert Sun newspaper, Palm Springs, CA (2007).

“Can Universities be Made Safe?” Interviewed by Catherine Torres about design of a college campus to facilitate safety for Occupational Hazards magazine (2007).

“Are Children Safe at School?” interviewed by Kimberly Edds about parental concerns about school safety for the OC Register newspaper (2007).

“Bay Area Schools Attend to Security,” interviewed by Matt Stannard for a story about the Virginia Tech massacre for the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper (2007).

“Expert Commentary on Virginia Tech Massacre,” interviewed by Kitty Pilgrim for a feature story following the Virginia Tech shooting incident for CNN (2007).

“Are College Campuses Really Safe?” interviewed live by Alex Cohen about the Virginia Tech massacre for National Public Radio, Canada (2007).

“Virginia Tech Gunman Identified as Student,” interviewed by Terry Sforza about the Virginia Tech shooting incident for the Orange County Register newspaper (2007).

“Home Invasion – Protecting the Family,” interviewed by Brigitte Schulte about family crime prevention tips for the Washington Post newspaper (2007).

“Robberies Up, Burglaries Down in LA,” interviewed by Barbara Carrera about recent crime statistics showing a strange trend for the LA Daily News, Los Angeles, CA (2007).

“Carjacking at Mall Startles Community,” interviewed by Justin Vellucci about a recent parking lot assault for the Pittsburg Tribune Review newspaper (2007).

“Personal Security,” Co-host the “Ask Andrea” radio show to interview guests and callers about questions of home and family security for WBAP News Talk Radio 820AM, Dallas, TX (2007).

“Compulsive Restaurant Theft,” interviewed by Phi Vettel about a story involving people who steal food service items from restaurants for the Chicago Tribune newspaper (2007).

“Signal Hill Office Shooting Wounds Three Co-Workers,” interviewed by Megan Garvey for a lead story about workplace violence for the Los Angeles Times newspaper (2007)

“Mall Sexual Assault Shocks Teens,” interviewed by Tim Woods following a sexual assault at a shopping center in Waco, Texas for the Waco Tribune, (2007).

“Organized Retail Crime,” interviewed by Jaclyn Giovis for a feature story about the sudden increase in organized retail theft in stores for South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper (2007).

“Digital Photocopiers Aid ID Theft,” interviewed by Greg Edwards on KGO Radio in San Francisco about a security flaw with digital copy machine images left behind (2007).

“Parking Lot Crime Cures,” interviewed by Damon Hodge for an article about a rash of parking lot assaults for the Las Vegas Weekly newspaper (2007).

“Burglary Increase Raises Concern,” interviewed by Josh Remonski for a story about stopping the rise in residential burglaries for the Arizona Daily Star newspaper (2007).

“Will New Dorms Affect Crime on Campus?” Interviewed by Matt Burden about new construction plans at Emerson College for the Boston Globe newspaper (2007).

“Mayfair Mall Suffers from Rowdy Teens,” interviewed by Rich Kirchen for article about teen violence affecting a Milwaukee area mall for the Business Journal newspaper (2007).

“Rise in Crime at Area Schools and Shopping Centers,” interviewed live by Pete Ferrand for WRJN News-Talk Radio 1400 in Racine, WI (2007).

“Security Challenges Facing Urban Hotels,” interviewed by Jennifer Brown about hotel security in Canada for Canadian Security Magazine (2007).

“Reading Your Palm for Cash,” interviewed by Lindsey Gerdes for an article about new technology for ATMs to dispense large amounts of cash for Business Week magazine (2007).

“Identity Theft Cause & Effect,” interviewed by Andrea Neal for a feature article about the causes of ID theft and viable solutions for the Saturday Evening Post magazine (2007).

“Mall Shooting Spree Raises Security Concerns,” interviewed by Ricardo Davis about the Trolley Square murders in Salt Lake City for Retail Traffic magazine (2007).

Trolley Square Massacre – What Should Shopping Centers do? Interviewed by Lesley Mitchell, for an article for the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper (2007).

“Rebuilding the Image of Safety after a Shopping Mall Shooting,” interviewed by Michelle Cater-Rash, for an article for the Triad Business Journal, Greensboro, NC (2007).

“Murder at Work,” interviewed by Bob Fernandez, for a story about a recent homicide by a disgruntled investor for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper (2007).

“Security Planning & Design for a Shopping Center,” interviewed by Elaine Misonzhnick for and article for Retail Traffic magazine (2007).

“ID Theft Rising,” interviewed by Chris Brecher about new FTC statistics released about the growth in ID Theft rings for a story broadcast on KGO Radio San Francisco, CA (2007).

“Auto Theft Declines in California,” interviewed by Harrison Shepard for an article about new statistics released by the CHP for the Daily News newspaper, Los Angeles (2007).

“Madhatter Strikes More Banks,” interviewed by Bill Swayze, about a bank robber who wears hats as a signature disguise, for the Star Ledger newspaper, New Jersey (2007).

“High-Tech Smart Home Security,” interviewed by Laura Schreier about the advances in technology for use in home security, for the Dallas Morning News newspaper (2007).

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