Media Contacts - 2006

“Robbers Attack ATM Machines,” interviewed by J.J. Hensley for an article about a series of ATM machine thefts in Mesa for the Arizona Republic newspaper Phoenix, AZ (2006).

“Video Surveillance Cameras Watch over Parking Lots on the Strip,” interviewed by Mike Mishak for and article for the Las Vegas Sun newspaper (2006).

“Vacation Home Security Tips,” interviewed by Kelly Reep for an article about preventing burglaries for the News & Observer newspaper, Raleigh, NC (2006).

“Shopping Center Security for the Holidays,” interviewed by Leia Baez for an article for the Omaha World Herald newspaper (2006).

“Protect Yourself from Identity Theft,” interviewed by Rosilyn Rossi for an article in the Chicago Sun Times newspaper (2006).

“New Play Station Console Sales Spark Violence,” interviewed by Darnell Smith for an article for the Sacramento Bee newspaper, (2006).

“Tis’ the Season for Organized Professional Shoplifters,” interviewed by Max Bernstein for a feature story for the Oregonian newspaper (2006).

“Spate of Tax Office Robberies in Gainesville,” interviewed by Steve Gurr about why a robbery spree is targeting a tax office for the Times newspaper, Gainesville, GA (2006).

“Retail Return Fraud Schemes,” interviewed by Robert Powell for a news story about the spike in merchandise return fraud for CBS News Early Show (2006).

“Muslim Man Planned to Blow up the Mall,” interviewed by Thomas Bona for an article about the domestic terrorism plot that was foiled for the Rockford Register-Star newspaper (2006).

“How Retailers make Shopping Safer During the Holidays,” interviewed by Parija Bhatnagar for an business article for CNN Money magazine (2006).

“Dying on the Job,” interviewed by Bob Susnjara about the robbery homicide manager of a Burger King Fast-Food restaurant near Chicago for the Daily Herald newspaper, (2006).

“Crime Task Force to Combat Holiday Crime at Shopping Centers,” interviewed by Adam Causey of the Times newspaper, Shreveport LA (2006).

“ID Theft as a Tool for Illegal Immigrate Workers,” interviewed live on the Jim Bohannon Talk Radio Show on the Westwood One Network, Washington DC (2006).

“Are Recent School Shootings Domestic Terrorism?” Interviewed by Pete Alfano about recent school shootings and possible government responses for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (2006).

“Bank Robbery Spree,” interviewed by Matt Kemeny about steps that can be taken by banks to prevent future robberies in Pennsylvania for the Scranton Times Tribune newspaper (2006).

“Video Camera Ordinance for Shopping Centers,” interviewed by Michael Gips about the impact of new regulations for Security Management Magazine, (2006).

“Cruise Ship Security,” interviewed by Ed McCarthy about new reports of increasing crime aboard cruise ships for CNN Radio Network, (2006).

“Hotel Security,” interviewed by Lori Paris about a triple murder at a Toronto hotel for CFRB News, Canada (2006).

“How to Prevent Home Invasion Robberies,” interviewed live on the Shelley Winter News Talk Show, 1380 WOK radio (2006).

“Overcoming Fear of Danger Lurking in the Dark,” interviewed by Amanda Trimble for an article about family security planning for nighttime travel fro Real Simple magazine (2006).

“Hospital Loses 4000 Social Security Numbers,” interviewed by Emily Berry about patient Identity Theft concerns for the Chattanooga Times Free Press newspaper (2006).

“Retail Store Loss Prevention Strategies,” interviewed by Tad Wilkes for an article about shoplifting and employee theft for Beer, Wine & Spirits Beverage Retailer magazine (2006).

“Pet Store Security,” interviewed by Kent Davies about a feature story about preventing crime in pet stores for Pet Product News International (2006).

“Cleaning Up after Identity theft,” interviewed by Steven Jannis about restoring credit scores after victimized by Identity Theft for the Baltimore Sun newspaper (2006).

“What can be Done to Stop Vandalism to Sports Fields?” interviewed by Mike Popky for Business Sports Magazine (2006).

“Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes. In New Mexico it just got easier,” interviewed by Nathan Dinsdale about Wal-Mart’s recent theft policy announcement for Santa Fe Reporter (2006).

“New Law Requires Video in Parking Lots,” interviewed by Rianna Daniels about new law requiring surveillance in Baltimore County for Security Director News (2006).

“Shoplifting 101,” interviewed by Cathleen Cantwell for an article about retail theft for Tobacco Retailer magazine (2006).

“Video Surveillance Required in Malls.” interviewed by Scott Stafford about a new ordinance requiring video cameras in shopping centers for the Berkshire Eagle newspaper (2006).

“Vacation Burglary Prevention,” interviewed by Danielle Wilson about steps to prevent burglary in vacation homes for the Dayton Daily News (2006).

“Gated Communities – Why are they so Popular?” interviewed by Jennifer Hiller about security aspects of gated communities for the San Antonio Express News (2006).

“Bank Robbers Escape Police,” interviewed by Anslee Willett about a spree of bank robberies in Colorado Springs for The Gazette newspaper (2006).

“ATM Safety Tips,” interviewed by Baird Helgeson about not becoming a robbery victim at ATM machines for the Tampa Tribune newspaper (2006).

“Defending Against Home Invasion Robberies,” interviewed by Mark Bowes about a spike in home invasions for the Richmond Times Dispatch Richmond Virginia (2006).

“Vacation Home Security tips,” interviewed by Christina Rosales about securing vacation homes for CNN, New York (2006).

“Technology Makes Housing Safer,” interviewed by Roy Green for an article for Security Products & Technology News magazine, Ontario, Canada (2006).

“Convenience Store Staff Must be Protected,” interviewed by John Humenik about a proposed curfew ordinance in Tucson to reduce robberies for the Arizona Daily Star newspaper (2006).

“Anti-Shoplifting Devices Help Curb Thefts,” interviewed by Joseph Tartakoff about the effectiveness and legality of electronic devices in retail for the Miami Herald newspaper (2006).

“Airline Carry-On Luggage Screening,” interviewed by Allan Leibowitz about the effectiveness of airport screening for Business Travel Monthly magazine, Australia (2006).

“Organized Shoplifting Gangs,” interviewed by Joel Goover for an article about trends in professional shoplifting rings for Shopping Centers Today magazine (2006).

“Convenience Store Security & Loss Prevention,” interviewed by Barbara Stahura for a feature article for the Asian American Convenience Store Association magazine (2006).

“Trends in Retail Loss Prevention,” interviewed by Paul Grossinger innovations in technology, procedures, or working with the police for the Retail Council of Canada magazine (2006).

“Preventing Crime in Restaurants,” interviewed by Dean Davis for a story about combating serious crime in restaurants in South Africa for Restaurant Business magazine (2006).

“Luxury Vehicle Theft Trends,” interviewed by Jonathan Lamas for a story on trends in luxury vehicle thefts and how best to prevent it for Forbes magazine (2006).

“Facts About Wireless Home Alarm Systems,” interviewed by Megan Chan for an article about wireless alarm technology for homes for Newsday magazine (2006).

“Best Cash Safe Features for Nightclubs,” interviewed by Barry White about the types of safes available for Nightclub & Bar magazine (2006).

“Home Automation and Security,” interviewed by Shannon McBride for a feature article on security using high-tech window treatments for Window Fashions & Design magazine (2006).

“Is Home Invasion Robbery Increasing,” interviewed live by Jeffrey Callison for the radio show Insight with a panel of expert for KXJZ Radio, Sacramento, CA (2006).

“Home Security Tips,” interviewed by Kelly Garrett for an ongoing series of tips published about home security for Readers Digest (2006).

“Use of Police in Shopping Malls,” interviewed by Leon Fooksman about the unusual practice of assigning police full time to a Boca Raton shopping mall for the Sun Sentinel newspaper (2006).

“Home Security on a Budget,” interviewed by Joan Tupponce about protecting your home from burglars for Richmond magazine, Richmond Virginia (2006).

“What to do about Home Invasion Robberies,” interviewed by Cassandra Kirby for an article about Home Invasion Security Tips for Lexington Herald Leader newspaper, Kentucky (2006).

“Home Burglary and Home Invasion Prevention Tips,” interviewed in-studio by Cindy Dole for the Home Wizards radio talk show for KRLA 870AM, Glendale, California (2006).

“Police See Increase in Home Invasions,” interviewed by Larry Copeland about the nature of home invasion robberies for the USA Today newspaper (2006).

“Home Invasion Robbery Prevention,” interviewed live on the Kevin and Trudie Radio Talk-Show for CJAD 800AM Radio Montréal, Canada (2006).

“Veterans Affairs ID Record Theft,” interviewed live by Sagar Megan for a breaking news story about the loss of 26.5 million records for Associated Press Radio (2006).

“Home Burglary Prevention Tips,” interviewed by Burt Helm for an article published in Business Week magazine (2006).

“Wal Mart Parking Lot Crime Study-2006,” interviewed by Anita French as an expert resource to comment on the new Parking Lot Crime Study for the Morning News, Springdale, AK (2006).

“Video Justice – Crime Caught on Tape,” commentator for Court TV Video Justice Series by Susan Haymer with Langley Productions about violent convenience store robberies (2006).

“Has Increases in Security Technology Reduced C-Store Crime,” interviewed by Barb Francella for an article for Convenience Store News magazine (2006).

Train Leasing Staff to Deal with Potentially Dangerous Applicants,” interviewed by Alissa Baum for a feature article for Assisted Housing Management Insider magazine (2006).

“Effectiveness of Pull-Down Storefront Security Gates,” interviewed by Michael Gips Senior Editor for Security Management magazine (2006).

“Self Defense for Women,” interviewed by Susan Lorimar for an article about the practical use of Pepper Spray as a self defense tool for Consumers Digest magazine (2006).

“Fast Food Restaurant Security,” interviewed by Tracy Powell for an article on fast-food crime prevention and employee safety for (2006).

“Shopping Center Crime Spree,” interviewed by Barry Cohen for an article about nighttime video surveillance capabilities for the Desert Advocate newspaper, Phoenix (2006).

Choosing a Home Alarm System,” interviewed by David Ranii for a story about important features in home alarm systems for the News Observer newspaper in Raleigh-Durham (2006).

“ATM Machine Thefts,” interviewed by Felix D’Oligosa for a story about recent ATM machine thefts in Denver for the Rocky Mountain News (2006).

“African 419 Advanced Fee Scams,” interviewed on-camera by Miguel Marquez for a feature story about this worldwide Internet scam for ABC World News Tonight (2006).

“Doorman Bias in Nightclub ID Checking,” interviewed by Iris Kuo about physical and cultural aspects of age verification based on race and sex for the Nightrider newspaper (2006).

“Are Nightclubs a Magnet for Sexual Predators?” interviewed by Stephen Edwards about an abduction of a woman from a nightclub for the National Post newspaper, Canada (2006).

“Residential Burglary Rates Peek in summer,” interviewed by Suzanne Naches about the trend of summertime crime spikes for USAA Magazine (2006).

“Gangs in Condos,” interviewed by Kyle Jorrey for an article about the trend of gangs living in condos and why homeowners are powerless against them for Acorn newspaper (2006).

“Retail Return Fraud,” interviewed by Andrew Paperrelli for a story about the extent of retail shoplifting and return fraud cases for ABC Good Morning America (2006).

“Deadly Seas,” interviewed on-camera by Martin Pearson for a feature THS Investigates about inadequate security claims against the cruise industry, ‘E’ Channel (2006).

“Carjacking Prevention,” interviewed by Pat Maloney for an article about recent carjacking trends in Toronto, Canada for the London Free Press (2006).

“Protecting What’s Priceless – Family Matters”, interviewed by Jenna Sampson for a feature article about family protection of famous athletes for Over Time (OT) magazine (2006).

“Retailers Resist Video Camera Legislation,” interviewed by Marita Thomas for an article about recent trend in legislation requiring video camera in retail stores for GSR magazine (2006).

“Racial Profiling in Convenience Stores,” interviewed by Samantha Oyear for a feature article about how it affects operations for Convenience Store Petroleum Retailer magazine (2006).

“Identity Theft – How Much of an Actual Threat is it?” interviewed by Audrie Armes for a feature article for the National Safety Council’s Family Safety & Health magazine (2006).

“Avoid Liability, Safeguard Residents with Proper Key Control,” interviewed for an article in the Rental Owners & Managers magazine for AAGIE (2006).

“In Search of Safety,” interviewed by Jennifer Kelleher for a feature article about dealing with home invasion robbers for Newsday magazine, Long Island, NY (2006).

“Does ebay Support Identity Theft,” interviewed by Joseph Rose for an article about the rise in identity theft and ebay transactions for the Oregonian newspaper (2006).

“Curbing Auto Parts Store Theft,” interviewed by Casey Clapper for a story about proactive loss prevention techniques for After-Market Business magazine (2006).

“Legislation for Security Guard Training Needed,” interviewed by Laura Frazier about the need for legislation for the Detroit Free Press (2006).

“Employee Theft Prevention Using Technology,” interviewed by Stacy Freeborg about new innovations in preventing internal theft for Franchise Times magazine (2006).

“What’s the Solution for Random Gun Violence,” interviewed by Colin Perkel for an article about recent street shootings in Toronto for the Canadian Press (2006).

“Keeping Terrorist Out of Rental Housing,” interviewed by Jennifer LeClaire for a feature article for the Florida Real Estate Journal (2006).

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