Media Contacts - 2005

“Wal-Mart Abduction Raises Concern,” interviewed by Kenneth Gailliard of the Sun News about the responsibility of a business owner for parking lot security, Myrtle Beach, SC (2005).

“How to Prepare for Workplace Violence,” interviewed and extensively quoted by Scott Berinato for an article for Chief Security Officer (CSO) magazine (2005).

“Holiday Thievery,” interviewed by Lilla Ross about what store operators can do to prevent shoplifting for the Times Union newspaper, Jacksonville, FL (2005).

“Shoplifting Growth and Cost of Store Theft,” interviewed by Sharon Smith on CBS-WBTV Charlotte, NC (2005).

“Is Shoplifting Increasing,” interviewed by Bob Brown live on WCBS Radio, New York (2005).

“What Merchants can do to Stop Shoplifting,” interviewed live by Renee Vegas for ABC-KGO News Radio (2005).

“Tacoma Mall Shooting Raises Security Concerns,” interviewed by Nancy Barrick about mall security training and shopper safety for the KOMO 1000 News Radio Seattle, WA (2005).

“Female Robbers Target Convenience Stores,” interviewed by Justin Fenton for an article about robber profiles in a recent robbery spree for the Baltimore Sun newspaper (2005).

“Cost of Shoplifting on the Consumer,” interviewed by Shannon Ross for WB49 News Radio about the financial impact of shoplifting in stores (2005).

“Cell Phone Bank Robber Still a Face with no Name,” interviewed by Tom Jackson about the female serial bank robber who talks on the cell phone, Washington Post newspaper (2005).

“Is Foreign Travel Too Dangerous?” interviewed live on WOR Radio Network for the Travel Show with Valerie D’Elia about impact of the recent bombings in Arman, Jordan (2005).

“New Oklahoma Law Allows Guns in Cars at Work,” interviewed by Karen Kroll about a new state law that allows employees to carry guns in cars at work for CSO Magazine (2005).

“Credit Card Scams,” interviewed by Kenneth Dean for an article about credit card fraud schemes for the Tyler Morning Telegraph, Tyler, TX (2005).

“Poor Video Fails to Catch Serial Bank Robbers on Tape,” interviewed by Don Lehman for a story about bank security measures for the Post Star newspaper, Albany, NY (2005).

“Credit Card Fraud & Identity Theft,’ interviewed live by Carl Wiglesworth for his radio talk show at KAHL 1310AM, San Antonio, TX (2005).

“Protecting Your Family During a Home Break-In,” interviewed by Steve Calechman for an article in Men’s Health magazine (2005).

“Home Invasion Spree,” interviewed by Christina Jeng for an investigative report on the recent spree of home invasion robberies in Westchester, New York for the Journal News (2005).

“Where do Home Burglars Strike First?” interviewed by Christian Todo for an article about areas in the home most vulnerable to burglars for the Washington Times newspaper (2005).

“Personal Protection for Women,” interviewed live on CBS Radio KNX-1070AM by show host Bob McCormick (2005).

“Strobe Light Special: Shopping While Black at Dillard’s Might get you Cuffed-or Killed,” interviewed by Mike Seely for the Riverfront Times newspaper, San Antonio, TX (2005).

“Home Invasion,” interviewed by Charlie McLravy for an investigative report on the steps families can take to prevent home invasion for Inside Edition TV show (2005).

“Holiday Shopping Security,” interviewed by Pedro Ramirez for a feature article about family shopping safety for the Post Standard newspaper, Syracuse, NY (2005).

“Second Mall Shooting This Year,” interviewed by Ron Barrett about prevention steps that the Greenville Mall can take to prevent future incidents Greenville News, SC (2005).

“Trend in Home Invasions,” interviewed by Monica Escobedo about a featured news story for ABC Good Morning America television show (2005).

“Victim Impact of Home Invasion,” interviewed by Roxanne Hawn of the Denver Post newspaper for a story about a home robbery victim who killed his attacker (2005).

“Top Five Things to Prevent Home Invasion,” interviewed by host Mark Hughes for the ABC syndicated radio show Buzz Factor about actor Josh Holloway’s home invasion (2005).

“Things You May Not Know About Shoplifting,” interviewed by Jen Adams for an article about retail theft from the professionals to the amateurs for FHM magazine (2005).

“Being Safe at Home,” interviewed by Mari McQueen about a feature article about steps homeowners can take to secure their family at home for Consumer Reports magazine (2005).

“Crime-Proofing Your Home,” interviewed by Gillian Drummond for an article about effective ways to keep burglars out of your home for the Arizona Daily Star newspaper, Tucson (2005).

“Some Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Security,” interviewed by Alfred Borcover for an article about hotel security tips for travelers for The Seattle Times newspaper (2005).

“Deterring Sticky Fingers,” interviewed by Tyler Riggs about why certain retailers make more arrests when other do not, for The Herald Journal newspaper, Logan, Utah (2005)

“Light up the Night,” interviewed by Heather Gunter for an article about outdoor lighting for hotel and motel properties for Hotel & Motel Management magazine (2005).

"Answers Sought in Death Outside Wal-Mart," interviewed by Robert Crowe for the Houston Chronicle nespaper for a breaking news story about an in-custody death by store security (2005).

“Parking Lot Safety for Women,” interviewed by Julie Dubin for an article about protecting yourself from assault in parking lots in For Me magazine (2005).

“Protecting the Home Front,” interviewed ‘live’ on radio for the Wayne McClain Show about keeping the home and family safe for 570-AM Radio News Ontario, Canada (2005).

“How to Stop Meat Theft,” interviewed by Christy Pitney for a feature article about preventing the theft of meat and seafood from grocery stores for Meat & Seafood Merchandising magazine (2005).

“PC Precisely Predicts Felony,” interviewed by David Cohn for an article in Wired News about using computer modeling to forecast crime activity (2005).

“Convenience Store Lighting Design,” interviewed by Hank Behar for a feature story about designing lighting for better c-store security for Convenience Store News magazine (2005).

“New Electronic Technology in Home Security,” interviewed by Don Ediger about the newest ways to thwart home burglary using technology for Bottom Line Personal magazine (2005).

“How to Stop Auto Theft in Arizona,” interviewed by Mike Brannon about curbing auto theft in the top theft state for East Valley Times newspaper Mesa, Arizona (2005).

“New Trends in Home Security Systems,” interviewed by Megan about new trends and technology for home security for San Diego Décor & Style magazine (2005).

“Office Security versus Privacy,” interviewed by Michelle Jackson for a story about employee privacy concerns in the workplace for CNN news (2005).

“Identity Theft Prevention,” interviewed by Laura Smitherman for a story about protecting yourself from Identity Thieves for the Baltimore Sun newspaper (2005).

“Auto Theft Prevention Devices,” interviewed by Mike Branom about new methods for preventing auto theft using technology for East Valley Times newspaper Mesa, Arizona (2005).

“Nightclub Murder Spurs Crackdown,” interviewed by Crystal Carreon about an investigative report into the Agenda Nightclub murder for the San Jose Mercury-News newspaper (2005).

“Mall Curfew to Start,” interviewed by Jordan Carleo for a story about restricting juveniles from loitering at the mall during curfew for the Times-Union newspaper, Albany New York (2005).

“Safe Shopping Center Program,” interviewed by Ron Barrett about a citywide plan to reduce crime at area shopping centers for the Greenville News newspaper Greenville, S.C. (2005).

“Where to Hide Valuables in Your Home,” interviewed by Kelly Hayworth for a feature article on finding secret hiding places from burglars for Real Simple magazine (2005).

“Does Government Have a Duty to Stop Bizarre Criminal Acts,” interviewed by Bill Torpy for a story about extreme criminal acts for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution newspaper (2005).

“Workplace Violence,” interviewed by Tara Howard about a breaking story of an office shooting in Houston, Texas for KTRH Radio (2005).

“Key Control to Reduce Liability,” interviewed by Ann Marie Zell for an article about key control in assisted housing for Assisted Housing Insider magazine (2005).

“Home Security While on Vacation,” interviewed by Elenor Laise for a feature article about protecting your home while traveling for Smart Money magazine (2005).

“Preventing Shoplifting,” interviewed by Art Silverman for a story about how retailers can prevent shoplifting for National Public Radio, Washington, DC (2005).

“Building an In-Home Safe Room,” interviewed by Gigi Suhanic for an article about safe room construction in a home for the National Post newspaper Toronto, Canada (2005).

“Exterior Lighting Upgrades,” interviewed by Terry Meany for the San Francisco Apartment magazine about cost-effective lighting (2005).

“Robbery Prevention in Convenience Stores,” interviewed by Berta Collins for KMLX Radio in St. Louis about a recent rise in c-store robberies (2005).

“Photo Id’s for Government Buildings,” interviewed by Marsha Gilbert for the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper about a new security policy of having ID’s to enter buildings (2005).

“Luxury Vacation Home Security,” interviewed by Josh Albertson for Cottages & Gardens magazine about security for upscale vacation homes when unoccupied (2005).

“Preventing Robberies,” interviewed by Karen Austin for Tanning Trends magazine about how small salon owners can make employees safe (2005).

“Home Invasion Survival,” interviewed live by Charity McCurdy for WOAI radio 1200-AM about a rash of home invasion robberies in San Antonio (2005).

“Red Lake School Shooting,” interviewed live on the Ruth Koscielak radio talk show about the recent shooting spree that killed 10 people for RBN Productions Minnesota (2005).

“Red Lake High School Shooting,” interviewed live by Rachael Bolle about the shooting rampage at Red Lake High School in Minnesota for KFBK-AM radio Sacramento (2005).

“Redby Minnesota School Shooting,” interviewed live on the George McKenzie radio talk show about the recent massacre at Red Lake High School for KAHL-AM radio San Antonio (2005).

“ID Theft,” interviewed by Chyely Inhorn for a special show about the impact of Identity Theft on celebrities for Inside Edition TV show (2005).

“After-Effects of Identity Theft;” interviewed by Tim Gulla for an article about victims repairing credit damage from ID Theft for Times-Shamrock newspapers (2005).

“Home Safety & Security,” interviewed by Lisa Vroman for and article about protecting your home against home burglary for Moments of Clarity magazine (2005).

“Northern Bank Robbery Could have been Avoided,” interviewed by Claire Savage for a feature article about preventing robberies for the Daily View newspaper, Belfast Ireland (2005).

“Protecting the Home-Front While Traveling,” interviewed by Josh Sims for an article in American Way magazine about home security for travelers (2005).

“Parking Lot Security for Women,” interviewed by Amy Spencer for a feature article on how women can protect themselves while alone in a parking lot for Real Simple magazine (2005).

“Home Security Technology,” interviewed by Dana Dratch for an article about how to use technology to prevent home burglary for Bankrate magazine (2005).

“Home Burglary Increased 20% in 2004,” interviewed by John Diver for a feature story about why home burglary rises and how to stop it for the News & Record, Greensboro, NC (2005).

“Apartment Security for Single Women,” interviewed by Mark Macesich for the Texas Living section of the Dallas Morning News (2005)

“How secure are duplicate keys at car dealerships?” Interviewed by Susan Lorimor for an article in Consumer’s Digest magazine about obtaining duplicate car keys for theft (2005).

“In Wake of $600G Macy’s Settlement, Minority Shoppers Say They’re Tired of Being Profiled,” interviewed by Lauren Weber for a feature article for Newsday magazine (2005).

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