Media Contacts - 2004

“Nightclub Security,” consulted with Glenn Dacy about a feature investigative report following a nightclub shooting in Columbus that killed four people. World News Tonight with Peter Jennings (2004).

“Cruise Ship Security,” interviewed by Heidi Hidley about security procedures taken aboard cruise ships for Fox News - Los Angeles (2004).

“Shopping Mall Shooting Causes Focus on Security,” interviewed by Susanne Smalley for an article about mall security for the Boston Globe newspaper (2004).

“Residential Burglary Prevention,” interviewed by Brian Fiske for an article about security the home from burglars for Moments of Clarity magazine by Rodale (2004).

“Library Tightens Security,” interviewed by Corey Forlak for an article about crime prevention in public libraries following a predator sexual assault for the Philadelphia City Paper (2004).

“Curbing Violence in Las Vegas,” interviewed by Damon Hodge for a feature story about stemming the rise in violent crime in Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Weekly newspaper (2004).

“How to Secretly Defeat a Home Burglar Alarm System.” Consulted with John Wellner, a writer of the TV show CSI - Las Vegas for an episode about a solving a home burglary (2004).

“Home Invasion Robberies Increase,” interviewed by Debra Dennis for an investigative report on the trend of home invasion robberies for the Dallas-Morning News newspaper (2004).

“Shoplifting Rate Rising,” interviewed by Sonja Bjelland for a feature article about the rise in shoplifting arrests at a major retailer for the Press Enterprise newspaper (2004).

“Hotel Security Tips for Travelers,” interviewed by Doug Donaldson for an article about selecting a safe hotel while on the road for Rodell’s Clarity magazine

“How to Root Out Unauthorized Occupants,” interviewed by Mindy Gill for an article about this common problem for Apartment Management magazine (2004).

“Extra Security for Doors When in Doubt,” interviewed by Joshua Condon for an article about alternative measures for securing doors for Cargo magazine (2004).

“Quick Service Restaurant Security,” interviewed by Marilyn Odesser for a feature article on fast-food restaurant security for QSR Magazine (2004).

“Train rental Agents to Deal with Potential Dangerous Applicants,” interviewed by Annmarie Zell for an article in Management Insider-Assisted Housing newsletter (2004).

“Holiday Security at Shopping Centers,” interviewed by Carolyn Fosi for an article about being safe while shopping over the holidays for the Post & Courier newspaper Charleston, NC (2004).

“How Safe Are Hotels?” interviewed by Al Borcover for a travel column article about hotel security for the Chicago Tribune newspaper (2004).

“Planning Ahead May Stop Trouble Before it Starts,” interviewed by Cynthia Brodrick for an article about avoiding disaster at college campus parties for Campus Security Report (2004).

“Workplace Violence Policies,” interviewed by Amanda Arnold for an article about the importance of corporate policies to prevent workplace violence for Corporate Security magazine (2004).

“Identity Theft Scenarios.” Consulted with the writers of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit show about an upcoming TV episode (2004).

“Seniors Citizens as Security Guards,” interviewed by Lynn Doan for a feature article about the practice of hiring seniors for security guards posts for the Las Vegas Sun newspaper (2004).

“How to Stop a Carjacker,” interviewed by Kenneth Gailliard for an investigative report about recent carjacking incidents for The Sun News Myrtle Beach, SC (2004).

“Violence at College Campus Parties,” interviewed by Cynthia Broderick for a feature article about preventing violence a college sponsored parties for the Campus Security Report (2004).

“Bank robbery Prevention,” interviewed by Crystal Bonvillian for an article about the technology of preventing bank robberies for the Montgomery Advertiser newspaper (2004).

“Planning Promotes Personal Safety,” interviewed by Kimberly Duran for a special investigative report on carjacking and home invasion crimes for the Dallas Morning News (2004).

“Causes of 2003 Crime increase in Saskatchewan Province,” interviewed live on the John Gormley Radio Talk Show (CKOM) to discuss reason for recent jump in crime index (2004).

“Crime Rate Jumps in 2003,” interviewed by Jeff Smith for a feature article about the big rise in crime index in the Saskatchewan Province (2004).

“Serial Killer Still at Large,” interviewed by Ron Sylvester for an article about family safety with a serial killer active in the community for the Wichita Eagle newspaper (2004).

“Home Security Requires Family Planning,” interviewed by Nancy Christie for an article on home security for Homeowners Magazine (2004).

“New Terror Threat Targets Banks,” interviewed by John Hendricks for an article about the recent terror warning against banks for Bank Security News magazine (2004).

“Bank Security at ATMs” interviewed by Kate Kantral for an article about rising ATM fraud complaints for Inside Business magazine (2004).

“Hotel Security Tips” interviewed by Arthur Hill for an article about business travel safety for “TEN” the Travelers Emergency Network, (2004).

“Protecting Yourself from Identity Thieves,” interviewed live by Ernie Brown on the nationally syndicated America at Night radio show, Las Vegas (2004).

“Train Leasing Consultants to Deal with Potentially Dangerous Prospects,” interviewed by Mindy Grill for an article for Professional Apartment Management magazine (2004).

“Identity Theft from Fake Genealogy Websites,” interviewed by Ed DeJesus about Internet scams involving fake genealogy websites for Family Tree magazine (2004).

“Shoplifting on Campus,” interviewed by Allan Applebaum for an article on the strategy for preventing campus bookstore theft for Campus Security Report magazine (2004).

“Burglar-Proof your Vacation Home,” interviewed by Rhodes Prince about security of resort properties and vacation homes for The Islander magazine (2004).

“Retail Racial Profiling – What’s Being Done?” interviewed by Kim Hamilton-Wright for a feature article on consumer racial profiling in stores for Black Enterprise magazine (2004).

“Are Burglar Bars on Windows Safe?” interviewed by business writer, Teya Vitu about pros and cons of burglar bars covering doors and windows for the Tucson Citizen newspaper (2004).

“Stop Music Theft,” interviewed by Kevin Mitchell about the systems and procedures available to limit theft losses in music stores for Music & Sound Retailer magazine (2004).

“Safer By Design,” interviewed by Brent Hannon for a cover story about new security measures in Asia-Pacific hotels to fight terrorism for Business Traveler Asia-Pacific magazine (2004).

“Preventing Home Invasion," interviewed by Ben Tinsley for an article for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper about a recent spree of home invasion robberies (2004).

“Home Invasions Happening Here,” interviewed by Rick Badie about a recent series of home invasions in Hispanic neighborhoods for the Atlanta Constitution newspaper (2004).

“Avoiding Violence in Parking Lots,” interviewed by Katy Gantz for a radio talk show about parking lot security advice for CFRB Radio Toronto, Canada (2004).

“Nightclub Death at Chilcoot Charlie’s,” interviewed live by Alicia Hammond following a patron death at the hands of a bouncer for CBS Channel 11 News Anchorage, Alaska (2004).

“Home Safety on Vacation Causes Stress,” interviewed by Kate Dailey for an article about how to reduce fear of home burglary while on vacation for Men’s Health magazine (2004).

“Protecting Your Home from Burglars,” interviewed by Andria Rowland for an article about home security for the Herald-Mail Online newspaper (2004).

“Home Invasion Link Sought by Police,” interviewed by Andria Simmons for an article about a recent series of home invasions in Georgia for Gwinnett Daily Post newspaper (2004).

“High Crime Motels Cause Concern,” interviewed by Jacqueline O’Malley for an article about solving crime at budget motels for the Reno Gazette Journal newspaper (2004).

“Protect Credit Cards & Identity,” interviewed by Julianna Keeping for an article about preventing identity theft for the ChicagoStar newspaper (2004).

“Safety Measures…Get with the Program,” interviewed with Janice Myers for the cover story article about the success of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program for Units magazine, (2004).

“School Bus Beating to Prompt CCTV Install,” interviewed by Elizabeth Beaulieu for an article about the need for video surveillance on school buses for Security Director News, (2004).

“Keeping It Under Control,” interviewed by Andrew Griffin as an expert resource for a feature article about nightclub bouncers for The Town Talk newspaper, Alexandria, Louisiana (2004).

“Identity Theft – What to do When it Happens to You?” interviewed by Laura Manske as an expert resource for an article published in Redbook magazine (2004).

“Convenience Store Robberies Continue,” interviewed by Hong Do Nguyen for an article about how to prevent the rash of c-store robberies for the San Jose Mercury News newspaper (2004).

“Hotel Security Legislation,” interviewed by Elizabeth Beaulieu for an article about Nan’s Law legislation to create minimum security standards in hotels for Security Director News, (2004).

“Controlling Conflict,” interviewed by Kent Davies for a feature article on how to control workplace violence in restaurants for Pizza Today Magazine (2003).

“ATM Robberies on the Rise,” interviewed by Rich VanSant as an expert resource for an article addressing the rash of ATM robberies for the Cincinnati Post newspaper (2004).

“What to do if a Burglar Breaks in Your Home,” interviewed by Audri Lanford as an expert resource for an article publish in Internet Scambusters (2004).

“Is Your Bank Doing Everything it Can to Protect You at the ATM?” Interviewed live for a special TV news broadcast about ATM robberies CBS News KPHO Channel-5 Phoenix (2004).

“Can Security Technology Solve Identity Theft Vulnerability?” Interviewed by Jack Kohane for a feature article for Security Products & Technology News magazine, Toronto (2004).

“Shoplifting Prevention in Small Stores,” interviewed by Larry Sussman for a business section article about theft in Mom and Pop stores for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper (2004). 

“To Serve and Protect,” interviewed by Mike Wells as an expert resource for an article about recent nightclub shootings published in the Southeast Missourian newspaper (2004).

“Trust, but Verify – Golf Courses aren’t safe from the reality of employee theft.” Interviewed by Kent Davies for a feature article published in Golf Course Management magazine (2004).

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