Media Contacts - 2003

“Shrink,” interviewed by Brad King as an expert resource for an article about high-tech solutions for C-store loss prevention published in Convenience Store News magazine (2003).

“Background Checks – Nan’s Law May Save Lives,” interviewed by Dan deVise as an expert resource for the Nan Toder Hampton Inn homicide case, The Miami Herald newspaper (2003).

“Take Seven Steps to Reduce Loitering at Your Tax Credit Site,” interviewed as an expert resource for an article for the Tax Credit Housing Management Insider newsletter (2003).

“Getting Prepared for the Next Emergency,” interviewed by Kimberly Palmer as an expert resource for an article about family security planning for the Washington Post newspaper (2003).

“Home Invasion,” interviewed by scriptwriter Emily Post as an expert resource for filming an episode of Joan of Arcadia television show (2003).

“Family Planning for Home Security,” interviewed by Kim Palmer as an expert resource for an article about family safety for the Washington Post newspaper (2003).

“Police Say ATM Stolen with Fork Lift,” interviewed by Rachel Osterman as an expert resourse for an article about theft of an ATM machine for the Chicago Tribune newspaper (2003).

“Home Invasion Robbers Often Strike Violently,” interviewed by Anslee Willett for an article about a rash of home invasion robberies, Colorado Springs Gazette newspaper, (2003).

“Ten Ways to Make Your Home Your Castle,” interviewed by Mark Gill for an article about home security for the Bottom Line/Personal newsletter (2003).

“How to Avoid Con Artists,” interviewed live on the Bob Garrison Show about identity theft and fraud schemes on KBZZ Radio, 1270AM, Reno, NV. (2003).

“What to do During a Home Invasion,” interviewed by Linda Alex for an article based on a recent home invasion robbery for the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper (2003).

“What Credit Unions Can do to Prevent Customer Identity Theft,” interviewed by David Morrison for a feature article on curbing ID theft for the Credit Union Times, Ft. Worth (2003).

“Heading off Workplace Violence,” interviewed by Kent Davies for a feature article on restaurant safety for Pizza Today Magazine (2003).

“Make you House Burglarproof for the Holidays,” interviewed by Paul Grambeau for a feature article on home security for Maxim Magazine (2003).

“Nightclub Security - Equipment Pros and Cons,” interviewed by Taylor Rau for an article about using hardware and equipment for security for Nightclub & Bar Magazine (2003).

“Home Invasion Robberies,” interviewed live on the Carl Wiglesworth Show on KTSA am-talk radio about a recent trend of home invasions in San Antonio, Texas (2003).

“Nightclub Security,” interviewed on live radio by Steve Lus following a shooting at the Loft-6 nightclub in Vancouver, BC for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (2003).

“Hotel Security After Jakarta Bombing,” interviewed by Clari Frenk about the recent terrorist bombing at the Marriott hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia for USA Today newspaper (2003).

“Indonesia Terrorist Bombing-What Can Hotels Do? Interviewed live by Liam Bartlett about the recent bomb attack and hotel security on ABC Radio Perth, Australia (2003)

“Security in Retirement Communities;” interviewed by Jeff Pines for an article about security solutions for seniors for Housing the Elderly Report magazine (2003).

“Mini-Storage Anti-Crime Strategies;” interviewed by Jennifer LeClair for an article about crime prevention at self-storage facilities for Mini-Storage Messenger magazine (2003).

“Identity Theft;” interviewed by Terri Cullen for an article about the problem of identity theft and tips on how to protect yourself for the Wall Street Journal newspaper (2003).

“Violence in Public Places,” interview live by Shana Rose dealing with personal protection options when out in public for WWL Am-Radio New Orleans, LA (2003).

“Bank Robbery Prevention,” Interviewed by David Scarfenberg for an article about the recent bank robberies in Berkeley for the Berkeley Daily Planet newspaper, (2003).

“Safe Rooms in High Tech Homes,” interviewed by Lauren Mechling for an article about installing a safe room in homes for the Wall Street Journal newspaper (2003).

“Scams Against the Elderly;” interviewed by Jeff Pines for an article about home equity scams, identity theft, and other crimes against seniors for Aging News Alert magazine (2003).

“Give Courtesy Officer Job Description to Prevent Misunderstandings,” interviewed by Mindy Grill for Professional Apartment Management magazine (2003)

“Home Invasion Victim is Improving,” interviewed by Philip Curran about a recent home invasion robbery prevention printed in the Today’s Sunbeam newspaper, New Jersey (2003).

“On Guard,” interviewed by Jacqueline Rivkin for a feature article about the use of profiling in retail stores to prevent shoplifting for Newsday magazine (2003).

“Courtesy Officers,” interviewed by Lisa Iannucci for an article about the use of security officers in rental and co-op and condo housing for The Cooperator magazine, (2003).

“Racial Profiling-Room 140.” interviewed by the New York Times for an article on the current litigation involving retail racial profiling (2003)

“Carjacking Hits Hotels,” interviewed by Paul Glader for an article for the Wall Street Journal on the recent rash of carjacking attempts at hotel properties, (2003).

“Should Bulling Workers Get a Second Chance?” interviewed by Shawn Taylor for an article published in the Chicago Tribune newspaper, (2003).

“Apartment Security While on Vacation,” interviewed by Manoucheka Celeste for a feature article published in the Miami Herald newspaper, (2003).

“Rest Easy While You’re Away,” home security tips published in Readers Digest (2003).

“Being Safe in Hotels,” interviewed by Albert Ross for a feature article about hotel security considerations published in the Augusta Chronicle newspaper.

“Security Awareness Training for Apartment Staff,” interviewed by Mindy Groad for a feature article for the readers of Professional Apartment Management magazine (2003).

“Social Impact of Gated Communities,” interviewed by Ross Atkin for a feature article about the proliferation of gated communities in America published in the Christian Science Monitor (2003).

“Self-Protection - When Out in Public,” interviewed by a staff writer for a feature article about family safety issues published in the Press Enterprise newspaper, Riverside, CA (2003).

“Security in the Fast Food Lane,” interviewed by Joel Roth for a feature article about fast-food security published in Access Control & Security Systems magazine (2003).

“Is Regulation Needed for Nightclub Bouncer Training?” Interviewed by Crystal Yednak for a feature article for the Chicago Tribune newspaper (2003).

“Are Home Safes Safe,” interviewed by Jean Katsy for an article for Money magazine about securing personal valuables (2003).

“Salon Owners Fight Shoplifting,” interviewed by Elizabeth Millard of Image magazine for a special article on small business loss prevention, (2003).

“Are Hotels Safe From Terrorist?” Interviewed by Jonathon Silver of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette newspaper for a feature article on hotel security and terrorism, Pittsburgh, PA (2003).

“Home Security Tips–Before You Leave on Vacation,” interviewed by Catherine Guthrie of the American Automobile Association (AAA) for a feature article for VIA Magazine (2003).

“How Landlord’s Can Prevent Terrorism,” interviewed by B.C. Manion of the Tampa Tribune for a feature article about terrorist threats to the rental housing industry, Tampa, FL (2003).

“Carjacking Prevention,” interviewed live on KTAR radio for the “Drive Home With Preston Westmoreland’ radio show about a recent dramatic carjacking event in Phoenix, AZ (2003).

“Carjacking and Home Burglary Prevention,” interviewed live on Cape Town, South Africa 567 radio with Kieno Kammies about extreme violent crime problems in Cape Town, SA (2003.

“Nightclub Safety,” interviewed by Misty Harris of the Edmonton Journal newspaper about the reputation for violence at Top-40 Nightclubs in Alberta, Canada. (2003).

“Do Security Guards Reduce Crime?” Interviewed by Tim Fields of the Daily Republic newspaper about the effectiveness of unarmed security guards in high-risk locations. (2003).

“Identity theft – How to Prevent It?” Interviewed live on the Patty Peterson radio show following a major ID theft ring bust for WCCO radio, Minneapolis. MN (2003).

“Hotel Suicides Happening Here,” interviewed by Sam Smith for the New York Post newspaper about the recent rash of in-room suicides in Manhattan hotels.

“Nightclubs – Fights, Designer Drugs, Rock and Roll,” participated in a live radio talk show with Terry Conway on KCBS Radio, San Francisco, CA (2003).

Past Media Contacts

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