Top ten most stolen cars in the USA*:

* Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) 1999

Foreign Cars Top the List

Once again, 20 of 25 top stolen autos are Japanese owned car companies. It is mere coincidence that the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord topped the most stolen car list for the third year in a row? These two car models have been the top sellers in America for several years.

Surprisingly, for two years in a row the top stolen American made vehicles were full-size pickup trucks.

Why are Certain Cars Targeted?

Do you believe that car thieves only want to steal the most popular cars or do you think the reason is that there are simply more of them on the road to steal? Why not steal more valuable luxury cars like Lexus or Mercedes or Cadillac. Or could it be that there is money to be made by unscrupulous auto body shops and scrap yards by selling stolen car parts to repair the popular Honda and Toyota cars of this vintage? You decide!

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Auto Theft Top Ten Cars Stolen - 1999