Apartment Security
Ten Steps to Safer
Multi-Family Rental Housing

A Step by Step Manual on Security
Planning for Apartment Communities

"You Simply Must Read This Book"

Ten Step Apartment Security Plan

The theme of this book is to present a model security plan that property owners and managers can adopt to make their communities reasonably safe. This model security plan is a culmination of many years of research and development of proven methods borrowed from some of the best-run apartment communities in the World. I have boiled the broad steps down to ten and entitled it, my “Ten-Step Apartment Security Plan”.

Seamless Integration

Each component step is important and an integral part of the success of the overall program. Successfully completing each step lays the necessary foundation for addressing the next. If you skip a step, the probability for success will be reduced. Because it is designed for long-term success, there is no short cut or quick fix in this security plan. This plan is designed to integrate into the daily routine of apartment property management. Once integrated, it will be difficult, for the untrained eye, to identify the components of this state-of-the-art security plan. However, criminals and bad residents will feel uncomfortable living or plying their antisocial trade in this attentive environment.

Tested With Proven Results

Once you have fully implemented my Ten-Step Apartment Security Plan, it will become seamless to the overall operation. Crisis management, because of frequent crime problems, will become a thing of the past. High resident turnover, due to fear of crime, will slow dramatically. Maintenance costs, due to vandalism and unit abuse, will be substantially reduced. Reduced occupancy levels, due to the fear of crime, will increase and stabilize at a desirable level. Best of all, income and expense budgeting becomes more predictable and dependable as net operating income increases.

In this invaluable guide, apartment security expert, Chris McGoey, will tell you exactly what to do and what to avoid when developing a comprehensive securitry plan. It will be a great practical guide for security consultants, attorneys, landlords, property managers, law enforcement. Once published, you won't find a better book on this subject.